How to Properly Design Your Website


There simply aren’t any businesses anymore that aren’t online. The online world is used for everything from selling, to proving information to finding new customers. Even the smallest companies now need websites, since people also use the internet in order to find companies that are on the high street. This is why it is so important to have a strong involvement in both search engine optimization and website design.

Website Design and SEO

It is very important that people find a website nice to look at and easy to use. But they also have to be easy to find by search engine robots. This process is known as search engine optimization, which basically means a website is highly ranked on a search engine. Those that manage to do this tend to get most of the business, because internet users simply don’t look past the first two pages of the search engines, if that.

SEO works, first of all, by gaining an understanding of how people search for your business. They will use certain words and sentences for this, known as keywords and keyword phrases. Of course, those terms are applicable to any business that sells the same goods or services as you, so SEO is then about making sure that it is your site that comes out on top. This has to be done the right way because if you use any so-called ‘black hat’ tactics, such as making a hidden page full of keywords, you will be seriously penalized by Google.

When a website is designed, it has to consider the fact that search engines change the goal post all the time. This means that websites have to be equally fluid. There are lots of different algorithms that matter nowadays, and you must be aware of all of them

How to Find a Web Design and SEO Company

Web design and SEO are two related, but separate issues. Luckily, most SEO companies also offer web design services and it is best to sign up for these. That is because they won’t have to make any changes to an existing site in so doing, meaning you will pay for two separate yet duplicate things. However, you do have to make sure that you find a company that will deliver high quality work.

Because the profession of SEO is unregulated, anyone can call themselves an expert. This means you have to do a bit of research in order to make sure you get someone who will actually deliver value for money. Some things to look for:

  • The company’s own page is on the first page of Google. If they can’t get their page on there, they won’t be able to get yours on either.
  • They have a significant portfolio of previous, satisfied clients and you can speak to them to ask what their experiences have been.
  • The company offers a wealth of services suited to you particular needs, rather than a one size fits all package.

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