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What Are Fire Doors?

Fire doors are used in the same way as regular doors, however, they have added protection from a fire. Doors such as these have been manufactured to keep a fire at bay for around 30 minutes. It’s thought that if a fire does break out, half an hour is enough time for the fire service to arrive. Upon arrival, the fire service is likely to extract anyone who is still in the building.

This article takes a look at whether regular doors are sufficient, and what happens if a fire breaks out. 

Aren’t Regular Doors Sufficient?

Regular doors are those that we see in homes and occasionally in some commercial buildings. Doors such as these have not been manufactured to keep a fire away. They are simply there to give the person or people in a room a bit of privacy. Regular doors will offer very little protection from a fire. Doors such as these tend to be made from wood or other materials that burn easily. 

What A Fire Door Does When A Fire Breaks Out

When a fire breaks out a fire door will in effect, get to work. A door such as this has been made to last for approximately 30 minutes. The added protection ensures that both smoke and flames are less likely to be an issue.

This is why nationwide fire door surveyors are asked for help. Fire doors can mean the difference between life and death, it really is that simple. While it may be impossible to completely control where smoke goes, fire doors can keep flames at bay.

What A Regular Door Does When A Fire Breaks Out

When a regular door breaks out a fire could be stopped for a few minutes. However, as soon as the flames have started to burn the door down the real danger begins. Anyone who is trapped in a room without a fire door has just a few minutes to get out if they can. Hopefully, there is a fire escape close by, but if there isn’t, things could become very dangerous.

Where A Fire Door Can Be Used

A fire door can ultimately be used in any building. They can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. 2022’s Building Safety Act includes guidance about how businesses can help to prevent the spread of fire. One of the tools that is recommended is a fire door.

There is no reason, however, why a fire door cannot be used in a residential building. If you want to keep your home safe, a fire door can help. Doors such as these are good enough for hospitals, nursing homes, offices, warehouses, and many other locations.

Knowing that you could be protected by a fire door can only be a good thing. If you are unable to leave the building when there’s a fire, the added protection could keep you safe.

Factories, warehouses, and other venues that store thousands/millions of pounds worth of goods use doors such as these. They can keep both people and goods safe. Therefore, it makes sense to install fire doors everywhere.

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