Why Is ROI Important to Your Business?

If you think return on investment, or ROI as it’s commonly called, is only for investors, think again. Yes, the best investors take into account the projected and official returns on any financial vehicle before…

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Reading a Forex Quote

If you are planning to start forex trading, one of the first things you need to learn is how to read a forex quote. All currencies are quoted in pairs when you’re trading so in…

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Your guide to selling savvy

When you think of selling your business, you probably experience several emotions instantaneously, ranging from ‘I couldn’t sell my business, it’s my baby’ to ‘imagine all that disposable time and money I would have’. No…

Encazip Investment

EnCazip investment

The Turkish energy market is changing. It’s one of the world’s fastest developing countries and has a population of over 79 million people. This means Turkey is a huge commercial space for consumer products, and…


Things to Know About Car Warranty

Whenever we buy any product such as electronics, gadgets and automobiles, we are more worried about what we will do if it breaks down.  That’s why; warranties are sold to the consumers so that they…