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3 Fields You Can Use an MBA In

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pursue a Master’s in Business Administration, or MBA, often mistakenly assume that business, finance and marketing are just about the only fields it will be relevant to. Fortunately, however, this is far from the truth. An MBA is, in fact, one of the most versatile degrees you can earn. It can open opportunities to work in a range of different area doing many different kinds of work, so if you are considering it, you may be interested to know that your options will not be limited to a career in finance or a business-related job. There are three sectors in particular that can provide opportunities for MBA graduate to work outside the confines of business. If you are wondering what kind of career opportunities an MBA might grant, these are some of the less commonly mentioned yet equally viable options to consider.

Information Technology
It is true that information technology is one of the most rapidly growing fields. There are many positions in it that combine the skill set required to work in technology with the skills that are developed through an MBA program. In fact, candidates with minimal knowledge of technology and the field may find that they are sought after candidates for positions involving the business side of operations. Jobs like these will often require you to draw on multiple skills sets beyond simply business administration skills. The knowledge you need is taught in classes from school such as WSU Online.

If you thought that business and education had nothing in common, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that there actually is a degree of overlap in which MBA graduate may be able to find work. Though these two fields are not necessarily similar, the skills that are developed in an MBA program can be an asset to positions in education, too. Namely, the ability to strategize and manage well can qualify you for administrative positions in education. You should learn these skills and learn more about Northeasterns’ online mba degree option if you aspire to such a career.

Healthcare is another promising field in which MBA graduates can apply their knowledge and develop a career. Like information technology, it continues to grow rapidly and create opportunities across a range of different area. With your knowledge of business, you can enter sectors of healthcare that involve billing, marketing and administration. Your skill set is likely to be an asset in these areas, and there are plenty of opportunities to branch out your abilities in the field. The intersection between business and healthcare may offer a number of potential positions and career paths to those who are interested. No matter what kind of career you envision for yourself, earning an MBA is a great step towards more promising career prospects, higher salaries and more diverse opportunities. You may be qualified for positions in a number of fields outside of business, too. If you are serious about earning your MBA, you should do the necessary research and find a school that is serious about their program.

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