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4 Tips to Stay Comfortable at Work

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If you’re cooped up in your office throughout much of the day, there are ways that you can make your time at work more comfortable. Maintaining a sense of comfort throughout your day will make it easier for you to do your job and can make your time on the clock more enjoyable. Here are some clever ways to stay comfortable at work.

Adjust Your Office Chair Correctly

Adjusting your office chair to the right height and tilt settings can save your arms, shoulders and back a lot of excess strain. Your chair should be set to a height that lets your legs maintain a 90-degree angle with your knees bent as you sit. The bend in your elbows should also create a 90-degree angle so that you can type on your keyboard more comfortably. The back of your chair should be adjusted in a way that promotes good back posture. Some leeway in the way that your chair tilts is okay as long as it still allows you to sit with good posture.

Maintain Comfortable Temperature Settings

Even though the thermostat in your office should be set to a temperature that makes everyone happy, this may not always be the case. If most of your coworkers prefer the thermostat to be set to a temperature that’s colder or warmer than your liking, there are things that you can do to stay comfortable. You should consider getting a small fan that you can use at your desk if the office temperature is too warm. A space heater that fits underneath your desk can keep you feeling cozy on colder days. You can also try using microwavable herbal packs as heating pads that can be placed around your shoulders to keep yourself warm.

Make Sure There’s Enough Light

A dim office setting can be strenuous on your eyes while you try to work. If the overhead lighting in your office is inadequate, setting up a small desk lamp will make it easier for you to see. Simply opening the blinds or pulling the drapes open on your windows can also make your workplace brighter and allow you to get much of your light from the sun. It’s important that your windows are cleaned regularly so that you can enjoy optimal sunlight. Putting a few mirrors on the wall can also make your office seem brighter.

Eliminate Bad Smells

Office spaces can sometimes become stuffy with unpleasant aromas. To eliminate bad smells and improve the air quality, you can install an office air freshener. Another idea is to have a cup of mint tea sitting at our desk to produce a pleasant aroma if you’re worried that an air freshener may be overwhelming. Coffee grounds in a bowl that’s left on your desk can also mask unappealing smells. Having plants in your office may further improve the smell in your workspace. When you get ready to leave work for the day, leave a bowl of vinegar at your desk to absorb foul odors overnight.

You deserve to work in a comfortable environment, and taking steps to improve your office can make a huge difference. Your coworkers will likely thank you for the efforts that you put in to making your office more comfortable.

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