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5 Real Ways to Make Money at Home

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Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about making money, from home, however, not all of these methods seem to be as legit. For instance, some captcha solving jobs pay incredibly little per single captcha, and they have a minimal payment bar that’s ridiculously high. In other words, while in theory, you’re making a small amount of profit, you aren’t actually going to see the money in question. Sadly, this doesn’t mean that the work in question is any less demanding or time-consuming. Instead of wasting time this way, you could look for a more efficient method of making money from home, and here are five suggestions.

1.      Start a blog

Running a blog consumes a fair chunk of your free time, yet, the advantages of this line of work lie in two things. First, you get to choose the topic of your blog, which means that you have a privilege of writing about something you’re passionate about or about something you know a lot about. Needless to say, this drastically cuts down the effort you would have to invest, or, at very least, your perception of blogging as an effort. Second, you get to pick your work hours. For instance, if you need three hours of work every day, you can just work for three hours straight from the moment you get up or you can spread this to three separate one-hour-long sessions throughout the day. The amount of time needed for blogging, on the other hand, depends on your own ambition, free time and organizational abilities.


2.      Writer

As a blogger, you can also be a part-time content writer, unless you want to find contributors, guest bloggers and regular writers. Nonetheless, there’s a small fortune to be earned online by specializing in writing services. Online writing services, nonetheless, are an umbrella term. For instance, you can become a self-publishing author and earn money from creative writing. You can also become a copywriter or a content writer and find brands, blogs and agencies to work with. Finally, you can also provide editorial services or become a proofreader. Each of these jobs can be done from home and they don’t require any extra tools (hardware or software) that you don’t already possess.


3.      Taking surveys

In the section about blogging, we named the ability to customize your work hours as an important factor. Taking surveys takes this to an entirely next level. This isn’t even something you have to do every day, due to the fact that you get paid per survey, regardless of how many of them you do. You can earn $50 each month by using this method or you could supplement your budget with $300 and make a more noticeable difference. As for the reliability of this method, all you have to do is find a trusted paid online surveys platform and you’ll be just fine.

4.      Watching movie previews and liking videos

What if someone was to offer you money for something you’re already doing, like spending an entire day on YouTube watching random videos. Well, some sites pay you to watch videos they assign to you for as much as $200 per month. Of course, you don’t get paid directly with money but with specialized points that you can later redeem for standard currency on your PayPal account, or even your credit card. Either way, these points are awarded to you according to the number of minutes watched. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that even though this may sound ideal, at the moment, watching videos of your own volition is not exactly the same thing as getting paid to do so.


5.      Become a virtual assistant

The issue with the above-listed four career choices is that they’re much different from what you are used to. On the other hand, working as a virtual assistant might give you a more of a traditional business-world-like experience. Moreover, it can give you an opportunity to gain some necessary experience in the business world by handling some of the administrative tasks on a day-to-day basis. Still, the opportunities you’ll get presented with, in this way, are not the same as they would be if you were an on-spot assistant to an executive. Nonetheless, you don’t have to leave your home and you don’t have to deal with non-business related tasks (coffee making, picking up clothes from dry-cleaning, etc.).


At the end of the day, these are just some of the methods you have available. Honorable mentions go to online tutoring, selling items on eBay, becoming an online juror, reviewing stuff and testing websites. The reason why we wrote about the above-listed five is due to the fact that they have an incredibly beginner-friendly learning curve.

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