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Co-working Space Design That Works

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There’s a growing demand for co-working space design in Bangkok as Thailand embraces the startups and young companies that are leading the country’s move into the tech industries as leaders of the economy.

There are already a number of these co-working spaces in the city, but some of them are more successful than others. To create the ideal co-working space design, you have to maintain a fine balance between privacy and openness.

Maintaining a Balance

Co-working spaces are designed to help startups and young entrepreneurs by facilitating the exchange of ideas. One of the most noticeable features of the co-working space is the common area. This is an open, comfortable area where people can meet and share details of what they’ve been working on over a cup of coffee or a game of pool.

Because a lot of these co-working spaces offer recreational activities as well as a workspace, many people question the co-working space design as a ‘real’ working area. But many studies have shown that these spaces are valuable for the sharing of information they facilitate.

Effective co-working spaces provide both the chance to interact with like-minded people who can offer a range of valuable opinions, and they offer privacy to huddle with your team.

Making Connections

The best co-working space designs also encourage people to visit and conduct events that allow the tenants to network and make connections in the industry in which they hope to be a part. This is also a good part of a co-working spaces function.

Investors and venture capitalists would much rather address a large group of startup owners in one place than conduct many private meetings over and over. The chance to network after an informative seminar is also a value-added consideration for anyone looking for a co-working space.

Seminars and conferences attract the people that tenants of co-working spaces want to meet. These meetings are a young entrepreneur’s chance to find the answer to the problems they’ve been facing, whether technical, financial, or managerial.

The attraction of these effective co-working space designs is their ability to attract valuable people and still provide a sense of privacy when the tenants need to get some work done.

Designs for the Future

As Thailand turns to industries that make use of technology in achieving their goals, the county will move closer to an economic revitalization under Thailand 4.0. And these startup entrepreneurs will become the business leaders of the future.

This means that these co-working space designs are vital to the nation’s economic health and growth. As these co-working spaces become the norm for cash-strapped, but innovative young companies with great ideas, the designers of these spaces will further refine their knowledge and provide offices and spaces that inspire and facilitate the birth of these ideas.

If you’re considering creating a co-working space to rent to young entrepreneurs, hire a designer that will be able to help your tenants excel at their work.

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