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Commercial Litigation Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Commercial Litigation?

Commercial litigation describes the area of law that deals directly with a range of commercial disputes and legal cases. Commercial litigation lawyers are expert lawyers who can handle a wide variety of cases ranging from small to large. A commercial litigation lawyer’s main role will revolve around developing and executing strategies that legally protect their client, as well as guiding them to the best legal advice and sometimes defending them in the court of law.

The easiest way to look at commercial litigation is in terms of business. Any dispute or disagreement that occurs between businesses, partners, corporations, companies or firms will often end up in the hands of a professional litigator.

 What Types of Commercial Litigation Cases Are There?

Many different cases can fall under the commercial litigation law category. However, it’s important to know that not every commercial litigation dispute will end up facing a judge and jury. A lot of the events within a litigation case actually occur behind closed doors and inside offices.

Some examples of commercial litigation cases and disputes include:

  • Fraud, deceptive trade and misrepresentation
  • Intellectual property and copyright disputes
  • Partnership disagreements
  • Breaching of contract or contract violations
  • Problems with ownerships or conveyancing
  • Tortious interference

 Do I Need a Litigation Lawyer?

There are many reasons why getting in touch with commercial litigation lawyers may be necessary. If you’re not legally qualified, taking on a complicated and layered dispute yourself is likely to be difficult and unsuccessful. In order to be protected and defended most effectively, a commercial litigation lawyer should be contacted.

In  general, if you own or run a company or business, regular contact with commercial litigation professionals will ensure you’re taking all of the right steps and making all of the right decisions. It’s the responsibility of a litigator to help you file a lawsuit, guide you through the process in terms that you can comprehend, and assist with the complex legal documentation that comes with any dispute.

From helping you properly understand legal documents and engaging in discussions with attorneys through to drafting up your pleadings and contracts, a commercial litigation lawyer can help you from the beginning to the end of your particular dispute. A reputable commercial litigation lawyer will also maintain an ongoing and professional relationship with you so that you have a go-to for future cases.

 What Does a Commercial Litigation Dispute Involve?

Like any practise area of law, commercial litigation disputes can be extremely complex and tedious. Beginning with an initial investigation, commercial litigation lawyers draft up the pleadings which essentially describe the client’s side of the case. Next, the lawyer will begin preparing for the dispute using discovery techniques and legal tactics. If the case makes its way to a lawsuit, the commercial litigation case will undergo a trial in court where the litigator defends their client.

Each commercial litigation case will vary in its details, as every case is different. But in all cases, commercial litigation professionals will work to ensure that their clients feel supported and protected throughout the journey in addition to offering the best legal advice for their particular case.

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