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Cost effective Courier Tools for your Business

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Using alternative courier tools such as bikes for your business has so many benefits and can be really cost effective. Not only do you save money that you would normally spend on buying new vehicles, taxing and insuring them, you can also reach your customers much quicker by dodging congested areas of traffic and navigating complex loop systems. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using bikes as courier tools for your business:

Speed up delivery times

In busy cities, being on 2 wheels is often the quickest way to get around. Thanks to bus lanes, lots of traffic lights and confusing loop systems, navigating the city in a car or van can take a lot longer than on a bike or on foot. A lot of city based businesses are now moving towards using non-motor couriers as a speedier and cost effective alternative on a bike you can weave in and out of the busier traffic making journey times much shorter, effectively making your business look much more efficient to your customers.

Cost effective

Bike courier services are so much more cost effective due to a number of different factors. From not having to pay tax and insurance on vehicles, to forking out for parking permits and fuel costs. Plus bike storage is much less expensive than finding parking in cities overnight and you can hire a much larger range of people as employees don’t need to have a driving license.

Increase Business

Bike couriers work for a variety of different industries, especially where parcels are small. Their use has been increased hugely in recent years thanks to delivery giant Deliveroo who work with local restaurants in the area, so you can order your favourite meal to your house in under 32 minutes. Easily beating the average delivery time of many traditional take away delivery services.

Look after the environment

With so many commercial delivery vans clogging up the roads every day, switching to alternative delivery methods is really good for the environment. In countries like the Netherlands, bike courier services hugely outnumber the number of car/van deliveries and everything from takeaway food to fragile glass can be transported by bike courier services.

Check out TNT who offer an expert courier service that will get the wheels in motion on your bicycle delivery so, if you’re wanting to post a bike to a customer or need a reliable bicycle courier to transport bikes or parts around an event then these types of services can be offered.

There are so many reasons why switching to bike couriers can improve your business, so why not look into it as an alternative or additional courier service option today?

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