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Couple Your Summertime De-Cluttering with Expert Paper Shredding

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Whether it’s the warmer weather or the increased sunshine, summer happens to be the most productive seasons in the year. Countless of homeowners pull out their honey do lists, and spend their evenings and weekends tackling the most tenacious chores, challenges, and repairs. The task of de-cluttering is a common item on many people’s lists. As you move through your home, getting rid of extraneous stuff and restoring order to your space, don’t overlook the importance of proper document destruction. You may be tempted to throw out old paperwork in the interest of time and convenience, but it’s not worth the risk. Without help from a paper shredding service, you could be distributing your personal information to the wrong kinds of people: criminals!

The typical home office is full of documents that record just this kind of information. Old medical records, tax forms, bills, and any other paper that documents your contact information, financial accounts, or SIN are a dime a dozen in your house. But they have no business going into your recycling bin. Document destruction companies, such as Absolute Destruction, provide information as to why. The latest post on the Absolute Destruction Blog discusses how identity thieves search for personal information like contact details and social insurance numbers and how difficult it is to recover from it. They use this data in order to make fraudulent accounts in your name.

Your garbage bins are prime targets for these criminals, who aren’t shy about searching through your trash in order to get their hands on your information. You don’t make their jobs as identity thieves any easier than they already are, so don’t place your unwanted papers in the bin when you de-clutter. Hire a paper shredding service to eliminate these documents before they get recycled. With mobile shredders that come to you, these services have bonded, insured, and fully capable shredding experts collect your papers and destroy them on-site. You can schedule their pick-up during or even after you finish your de-cluttering. Regardless of when they arrive, once they do, they make sure no data can be retrieved from your stuff.

If you find yourself clearing out old tax documents, bills, and other paperwork that has your contact information or important account numbers on it, don’t make the mistake of throwing it out with the rest of the trash. It will only increase your chances of becoming a victim of identity theft. Protect your identity and therefore your finances by scheduling a paper shredding company to destroy your data.

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