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How Color Can Affect Your Company’s Performance

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Color not only affects our moods but can also affect how appealing a certain business is. In fact, scientists have determined that the colors used by your business can impact whether or not a customer makes a purchase. Colors used in your logo will be one of the first things that customers notice, make the wrong choice and it may affect your sales.

Colors have an immediate impact on the mood of a person. Colors that are considered warm (yellow, red, black and orange) energize while colors that are considered cool (blue, brown, green and purple) calm. By considering the type of business you have and how color can affect your customers, you can choose the perfect color.

Consider your business industry when choosing the color for your logo. For example, hospitals and doctors offices should avoid using black in its logo design because it is associated with death. Instead, use blue, which suggests trust, responsibility and peace.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular colors and the best industry for these colors. Continue reading to learn how you can benefit from using the following colors in your business and design.


Yellow is a warm, sunny color that is associated with energy, creativity and hope. This is the perfect choice for businesses serving households, such as energy companies. However, it should not be used by travel companies or financial services.


Red is a provocative company that grabs customers’ attention and makes them feel energetic and passionate. This color is best for technology companies and those in the food industry.


Blue is one of the most popular choices in businesses. It evokes feelings of trust and responsibility. Using this color can help your customers feel comfortable with your business.


Black is a color associated with prestige (think black tie events). It is often used in clothing companies and businesses in the automotive industry. Energy and travel companies should avoid these colors.


Choosing the appropriate color is the only step in helping to improve your business’s image. Once you have chosen a color, you will need to integrate it into your design and marketing. Using the color on your product packaging, logo, signage and landing page will help maximize the impact. To learn more about how consistency affects your business, check out one of our earlier publications.

Color affects the overall performance of a company; however, it can be difficult determining the best color for a business and incorporating it into the company’s advertising and marketing. If you need more information or help on learning how to integrate your color scheme into your business, contact us at Zoo Signs. We will work with you and teach you how to incorporate the best color into your print ad, signage, package and web design. Soon, you will be noticing an improvement in sales and customer retention.

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