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How to Create Awareness for your Brand in the Shortest Time

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Brand identity is critical if one is to achieve any level of success, and this can be achieved in a number of ways. There are literally billions of brands in the modern marketplace, and they are all trying to make their voice heard. If a company is just starting out, it can be difficult to compete with established players who have already made their mark on the market.

The right signs

Signage has been a part of commerce since time began, dating back to the Roman times, when inns and taverns advertised their wares. Things have changed a lot since those days, with LED signs, banners and billboards of all shapes and sizes being used to attract customers. With so much competition, signs have developed accordingly, with many innovative design ideas to create something different. There are experienced sign writers in Perth that can design and create something special for any retail business, and with digital solutions, one can really get creative. Any retail business requires the right signage, and by using the right design and colours, one can create a brand image that consumers will recognise. Australian businesses can use Total Sign Co, an established leading sign creator that is responsible for some of the more outstanding signs in and around Perth.

Printed media

This has a place in modern business, even in the virtual world of the Internet, and by handing out well-designed leaflets promoting a new launch, one can create a local awareness quite quickly. Brochures and special offer leaflets have always produced results, and of course, that depends on the design and layout, as well as the product itself. Placing ads in the right publications can also get your product noticed, and any competent marketing manager would put together a plan that included printed media, with emphasis on local coverage.

Create a strong online presence

Starting with the company website, which should be well-designed and easy to navigate, one should also create accounts on all the social media sites, as this is becoming a very popular avenue for the consumer.

Samples and free trials

Products can be promoted by giving consumers a free sample to try at their leisure, and if the product is as good as it should be, this will be reflected in the response to the free sample. A service or subscription could be offered for a limited time as a free trial, although there would be a degree of expense in setting this up.

The right logo

This should be one of the first things a new business creates, as the company logo will be what identifies the company and their products with the consumer. This logo should be incorporated into every aspect of the business, allowing for maximum coverage, and with the right marketing campaign, one can successfully launch a new company or product into the marketplace.

In order to maximise branding opportunities, it is essential to enlist the help of marketing professionals who can assist with the logo design, and help to create the ideal image for a growing business.

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