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Importance Of Keeping Your Signage Fresh

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Quality signage is an easy and effective way
to drive foot traffic and a way to communicate with your customers.  However, if this is done incorrectly signage
can cause confusion and overstimulation. 
Signage in your brick and mortar business is just as important as your
website design and it shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Signage As A Sales Person

Consider signs as your silent but your highest selling sales person.  Signage helps your customers navigate your shop or business without making it necessary to ask sales staff these questions.

Directional & Informational

Just like you would set standards for staff’s
appearance etc your signage also requires a certain amount of development and
consideration. Signage can also help with tasks ranging
from sales information and wayfinding to general product information and usage.

According to Jamie from Dock
Street Signs
“Here are some general best
practices you will want to consider when thinking about store layout and
signage.No matter what signs you decided to include in your business consider
all these points.”

  • Be specific, a customised
    sign can give you the right message in the right place.  This can include specific details such as
    relevant product information and location instructions.
  • Your signs message needs to
    be clear.  One with too much information
    becomes cluttered.  Shorten the message
    so you can convey the main themes of the sign within five seconds.
  • Effective custom signs use a
    message, a headline, explanatory text and a call to action.
  • Signs are good
    advertisements and as any good advertisers know you need to get the customer to
    do something.  This is the call to

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signage is one of the most important kind in physical retail outlets because it gets customers in the door of the business.  Exterior signage is the first impression that customers have of your business.  If your sign is tired and old or has missing letters, make sure these are replaced.  As it gives a wrong impression on the customer that you do not notice these important factors about your business.  It will help convey the experience that the customer can expect inside the establishment.

Informational signage may also be known as
departmental, wayfinding, directional signage. 
These signs help your customer navigate the business more freely.

Persuasive Signage

Persuasive signage influences consumer
behaviour through convincing language or attractive imagery.  Signs can showcase a particular type of
product to offer an opportunity for retailers to communicate specific details
of new seasonal or featured items. So, keeping this particular signage fresh is
very important.

Make your customers feel welcome.  Offering parking facilities, entrances/exits
that are user friendly etc.  If your
business offers this but doesn’t have informational signage, you could find
confusion about where to park and how long visitors can park in your car park.

Time For A Signage Review

Always look at your
business with fresh eyes in regard to your signage.  See what you think needs revaluating and what
signs need to be kept fresh.  Keep your
brand consistent and you can use this from your outdoor signage to your website
always keeping your signage fresh.

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