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Key Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Data Entry

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Data is at the core of every business, be it a large enterprise or an SMB. You need data to track progress, forecast trends, estimate profits, make data-driven business decisions, and more. However, data in its raw form is barely usable. It’s overwhelming, incomprehensible, and won’t do your business much good.

That’s precisely why data entry is an inescapable task for all companies. It transforms raw data into usable information that can push your business forward. The only problem here is that data entry is time-consuming, and you need a high level of expertise to do it right.

So, outsourcing data entry is often the best option. It’s just essential to consider a few key factors before you hire a third-party for these services. Take a look.

Company Reputation

Before outsourcing data entry services, research the company you’re considering. It’s crucial that it has a pristine reputation as it can seriously affect your business.

You’ll be entrusting the vendor with sensitive data, often your clients’ personal data. If you want your clients to retain their trust in you, they must be able to trust the third-parties you work with. So, it should go without saying that you need a reputable company for outsourcing data entry.

Do thorough research. Check out recent news articles on the company, see testimonials, client reviews, and more.

Security Practices

Data breaches occur more often than many would like to believe, and targets are not only large enterprises with billions in their bank accounts. SMBs are exceptionally vulnerable to data breaches since they don’t always have top-of-the-line cybersecurity.

But regardless of your own cybersecurity measures, you need to ensure that your data entry vendor follows the best security practices. Again, you’ll be sharing sensitive data with them, and you want to keep it secure.

Check your vendor’s security practices, see whether they’ve dealt with data breaches before, and if so – how they’ve handled them. Security is something that should never be overlooked when you’re outsourcing data entry. Make sure your vendor meets, and if possible, exceeds your security requirements.

Advanced Tools and Software

Reputable data-entry service providers will always use cutting-edge tools and software. It’s the best way to improve efficiency and accuracy. While some of the work needs to be done manually, the right software will perform data validation and verification and improve the quality of the work.

When you have a vendor who always invests in new solutions, you’ll know they’re dedicated to providing the best services.

data entry

Accuracy of Data Entry

No one can guarantee 100% accuracy when it comes to data entry, but some can come pretty close. While errors occur from time to time, it’s vital that they’re few and far between. Otherwise, your data will be rendered useless, and you won’t get any benefits from it.

When you’re outsourcing data entry, look for a company that’s comprised of experienced professionals with a dedication to their work. Bonus points if they have a separate quality control panel.

Quick Turnaround

Data entry is notoriously time-consuming, but you’ll still need a quick turnaround. Your vendor must be able to meet your deadlines if you’re to benefit from outsourcing data entry.

However, you need a vendor who can strike a balance between quick turnaround and accuracy. You don’t want someone who can finish a task within hours, but then leave you with countless errors.

If you’re looking for both accuracy and time-efficiency, look for a reputable vendor with a large team. Your project can then be delegated to several experienced team members, so you can expect fast and accurate results.

Previous Work Experience

Data entry for the healthcare industry is quite different from data entry for clothing retailers, for example. If possible, find a vendor who’s had experience with data entry within your niche. Especially if you need someone to handle bulk orders.

Previous work experience within your niche will help the vendor understand precisely what it is that you want. Your communication will be easier, and you can expect a higher quality of work.

data entry support

Customer Support Availability

24/7 customer support availability is often beneficial, especially if you’re outsourcing services from a company in a different time zone. You’ll want to be able to reach customer support whenever you need to.

If you’re experiencing a crisis or need to access data during downtime, this will prove to be invaluable.

It’s a good idea to check the responsiveness of the customer support before you experience a crisis, though. Contact customer support for the first slight inconvenience when you start working with a vendor. It’s a good test to see whether they can help you later on if you have more pressing matters to deal with.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is the number one reason why outsourcing data entry became so popular. Most service providers offer affordable prices and can help you save money both in the short and in the long run.

Primarily, you won’t have to invest in an in-house team. That means you’ll have no additional salaries and benefits to cover. Secondly, you won’t have to invest in developing the required IT infrastructure.

So, since outsourcing data entry is often a much cheaper alternative, you don’t have to go looking for the cheapest services. Find a vendor who offers sensible prices.

You’ll want your vendor to be paying experienced professionals to perform data entry for you, and they cost money. The cheapest vendors often hire the cheapest workforce, so you cannot expect high accuracy or high quality.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing data entry is becoming a norm among companies looking to boost efficiency. However, since it’s in such high demand, data entry companies are popping up left and right. And not all of them are offering services of the highest quality. As long as you consider the aforementioned key factors before outsourcing data entry, you should be able to find a vendor that suits you. So, start reaping the benefits of data entry outsourcing, and focus on the core of your business while you let the professionals handle the rest.

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