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Personal Data Apps Make Life Easier

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We’ve finally gotten to the strange point in the digital technology age where we have apps to make using other apps more convenient. Personal data apps make the use of online applications faster, more convenient, and safer.

Online applications have been around for many years. Practically everyone who’s ever applied for something online has run across them. At best, they are simply a faceless entity that absorbs personal information needed to obtain whatever you’re applying for. At worst, they are a reason to tear out your hair and swear off ever applying for anything online again. Although the companies using them explain their usage as being “for your convenience”, they’re usually anything but convenient for the applicant. They’re just easier for the recipient of your personal data.

The problem is that the organisations that use these online applications are usually the gatekeepers to something you desperately need or something you want. Government visa applications, job applications, credit card applications and loyalty card applications are just some of the rewards behind the curtain. You dread being faced with the prospect of having to deal with these applications, but you need the reward on the other side enough to grit your teeth and deal with the online application.

Technology to Battle Technology

Some genius somewhere in the world finally got fed up with filling out these mind-numbing applications endlessly and decided to fight fire with fire. They designed a concept for an app that would make dealing with online applications a breeze. They became known as form-filling apps and later as personal data apps.

The latest incarnation of these apps are called personal data apps. The developers have turned the tables on the organisations using multiple online applications asking for all kinds of personal information and made these apps with a personal data wallet where you can store different categories of your personal information.

Different Data for Different Applications

These personal data apps make filling out applications for different types of entities fast and painless. Do you need to apply for a visa to Brazil? Just go to the category marked travel, and all the travel-related data you’ve entered into it can be instantly retrieved and pasted into the application.

Are you making reservations at a hotel for which you have a loyalty card? You can scan the information from your loyalty card into the personal data app, so you don’t have to carry the card around with you. Simply send the hotel a copy of the loyalty card, and you’re good to go.

Safe and Secure

But perhaps the best feature of these personal data apps is safety and security. Both the European Union and Thailand have enacted digital personal privacy laws that make it illegal for any entity from using your personal data for any reason. And many countries around the world are following suit. But there are plenty of unscrupulous operators out there that will still try.

The best of these personal data apps are encrypted to prevent your data from being received by anyone but the intended recipient.

So, the next time you’re faced with an online application, download a personal data app and make your life a little easier. Many of them are absolutely free for the applicant.

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