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Public speaking tips to help you in making you a better leader in turn

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When you hold a leadership position in a company, it is fundamental to have sound speaking abilities. Why? Because this will give you the opportunity to convey ideas more clearly and be perceived with a lot more credibility and admiration by peers, colleagues, employees and investors. As a business leader you will have to deal with all kinds of situations involving public speaking. At some point will be required to speak at meetings, pitch ideas at conferences or persuade employees to strive harder and work with more enthusiasm. There’s just no way to avoid public speaking, so rather than fear it you should learn to master this tricky art.


They say preparation is crucial

Leaders that want to make a good first impression should enter meetings prepared. Get to know your audience and then make a point. Your speech should fit their level of knowledge and needs. It might also be a good idea to come up with a genuine presentation mode. Make a good first impression by appealing to people’s senses. Excite them with an interesting opening story or even with a meaningful quote. It will make them curious to know more about you and about what you have to say.

Deal with the fear of public speaking

Many people have stage fright. However, in the business world you cannot let emotions get the best of you. The fear of speaking in public will hinder your abilities to hold an efficient presentation. Overcoming this fright is the solution, and you can do that by preparing and practicing your speech thoroughly. Have someone you trust listen to you speak; it will give you confidence and it will also help you make improvements.

Business leaders should understand that speaking in front of an audience is fundamental to the success of their start-ups. Know the ins and outs of the material, focus on keeping your people engaged, and just be yourself. As long as you fully understand the materials you’re attempting to convey, you have the best chances of keeping your audience hooked. Basically, no question they might have will leave unanswered and that should give you an insane boost of confidence.


Body language and tone of voice

Speaking slowly and clearly in front of an audience is an extremely effective way of delivering a good presentation. Keep your voice down and use your body language to draw people’s attention. Many CEOs and company owners have erratic behaviors when holding speeches; that’s because they can’t control their emotions and they wrongfully assume that a bossy attitude will make people pay more attention.

If you want admiration from people you have to show them respect. Put your body language to good use when holding a business speech. Use hand gestures to emphasize on important facts and make eye contact. This will make people in the room feel appreciated and valued. Welcome their questions and if you can’t give them a straight answer, just admit that you don’t know and ask for assistance. Just because you’re the CEO it doesn’t mean you are invincible. It’s actually quite ok not to know everything. A bit of vulnerability shows that you’re human too and that will make the audience feel less insecure.

Successful presentations don’t have to be perfect

Good speaking abilities make you a complete leader. You can’t run a business if you can’t talk to employees, investors, suppliers and customers. However, just because you’re in charge it doesn’t mean you have to be perfect at everything. People make mistakes, even the most skilled ones. Start by confronting your fear. Put yourself out there, in front of people and go with the flow. Add a bit of humor when chatting with workers and find a way to feel comfortable in their presence.

The more you practice the better chances you have to gain confidence on stage. It’s tough but it’s not something impossible to do. If your voice is trembling, speak less; if your hands are shaking hold something to make you feel better. There are solutions to overcoming the fear of holding presentations. But to get pass that fear you have to confront it. Do that and you’ll be on your way to business success!

By Alfred Stallion and LondonSpeakerBureau.com!

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