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The three reasons your staff may want to leave… and what you can do about it

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Too many staff leaving your company? It can be difficult for employers to know what to do when high staff turnover is becoming a problem. Here are three top reasons your staff may be leaving you, and what you could try and do about it:

Reason 1: Your staffs are poorly managed

You need to have the right relationship with your staff, as a manager. Don’t be too casual, because of course, your staff could take advantage of this, and don’t be too strict or patronising, as staff could feel threatened by this. It is hard to strike the right balance and if staff don’t feel comfortable, this could cause them to look elsewhere for work.

Solution: Business.com says that good communication is a must in the workforce. Providing opportunities for your managers to interact more with other employees will help build stronger cooperation and understanding among them. So, try workshops, seminars, team building days and so on. Reply to their emails and seek their input on business decisions, to help them feel involved. Invite feedback from your staff and don’t take it personally. Keep your office door open, if you have one, to encourage them to come and talk to you when they have something on their minds.

Reason 2: Your staff see better opportunities elsewhere

This may be in the sense of better pay elsewhere or a better company, but staff can easily locate a better opportunity and take it without giving you a second thought.

Solution: Try keeping staff retention high by offering incremental pay scales, rewards, bonuses and so on. If you can’t afford this, think smaller. Simply buying in lunch once a month can help keep staff interested in working for you! What about a free fruit basket every week? Not only would you be providing a healthy snack for your staff to keep their brains alert and their energy levels high, but Fruitful Office say that it is often a point of conversation amongst staff when a fruit basket is delivered, helping to differentiate companies and improving corporate image and the reputation of the company – all things staff value.

Reason 3: Your staffs are bored

Staff can get bored and want to move on. Although structure and consistency is important, staff can easily get tired of the same old routine and look elsewhere for something a bit different.

Solution: Look for internal promotions in the company. Before hiring outside, look at who is already working for you who may fit the bill and who could do with a change. Speak to staff regularly (encourage communication outside of annual reviews) about how they feel about the role; what could be changed? What do they enjoy, and what do they not enjoy so much? This can help you paint a picture of a staff member’s day, and how you could improve it.

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