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Top 10 Apps for Ridesharing and Carpool

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Transportation plays a huge factor in our everyday lives. From that new student in the local High School to the office IT guy scrambling on his way to work, all people can agree that early morning commute can sometimes be the defining factor of how our day starts.

There are times when one is tasked to go to a place not accessible by public transportation, or when you have to go downtown on a rush hour. From our own experiences, these things are not easily done. But thankfully, with the new surge of rideshare apps, we are presented with more options for our commute.

Ridesharing is a growing trend offering customers the option of hailing private cars for transportation through the convenience of their smartphones. Ridester US provides information on the latest ridesharing news and offers. To help you understand more on these rideshare apps, listed below are 10 of the must-try apps for ridesharing and carpool, some being Ridester’s industry partners.

  1. Uber – Uber is one of the well-known names in the ridesharing business. The app offers a simple booking system and a cashless payment with the use of a credit card. It uses your phone’s GPS to mark your location. The unique feature that Uber is known for is the wide range of vehicles that you can choose from; from everyday sedans to black car SUVs. Uber also offers a carpool option, where you are matched according to your current location and destination with other passengers who are headed the same way.
  1. Lyft – Lyft is another one of the biggest names in the industry. Lyft allows users to connect easily with the drivers through their system to get to their intended destinations. The app is known to be user-friendly. Aside from these, it also has a linking system—their own version of carpooling that links you to nearby Lyft users heading the same way.
  1. Hitch – The users of Hitch have said the app is extremely easy to use. Users can simply drop two pins on the map found on the app, signifying the current location as well as the destination. The system would then match the user to a car heading the same way. Multiple passengers can be paired to reduce the total cost of the trip for each passenger.
  1. Zimride – This is another carpooling app that pairs you up with nearby users that are heading the same direction as you are. However, there’s an added twist to it. Zimride matches you up with passengers that have similar musical preferences and interests, offering social opportunities on your daily commute.
  1. Carma Carpooling – Carma is a carpooling-only app that matches commuters headed the same way. The app charges you $0.20 per mile, and is not really intended to make a profit, but to simply offset costs. A timer starts once an indication is received that the trip has started, and adds to the total cost accordingly. The payment is then made once the trip ends.
  1. Sidecar – Sidecar offers the feature to let you know the price upfront. It implements a normal ridesharing option named “Sidecar”. “Shared rides” which pairs you up with commuters and colleagues heading the same way, and “Sidecar Delivery” which pairs you up with package deliveries that are located on the same route you are taking.
  1. Via – Via is mainly available for users in New York and Chicago, offering a rideshare option where you can hail rides for an upfront fee. It has been known to offer inexpensive rates with good feedback. Users can also opt to share rides to reduce the total fee.
  1. Rideout – Aside from normal ridesharing options, Rideout offers scheduled trips too. A user can send a request for a ride ahead of time, providing the pickup details. The choice of car is also up to the user, since he/she can choose from a wide variety of cars, ranging from taxis, sedans, to SUVs and executive limos. Rideout has also promised no price surging during peak hours.
  1. Red Ride – Red Ride is a bit different from the other companies in the business. It does not offer rides on its own, but rather compares the arrival times of different cars from other ridesharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. Red Ride then provides a recommendation to the user as to which app he/she should book the ride on.
  1. Getaround – The app offers car sharing by matching you with friends and coworkers looking to go in the same direction. Aside from the normal ridesharing apps, Getaround also offers car rental services.

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