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Top 3 Common Work Accidents

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The Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom during the 18th century was the golden age of the country’s manufacturing service sector. It also paved the way for expanding UK trade relationships from Europe to Asia and the Americas. Today, the manufacturing sector in the UK makes up a considerable percentage of the country’s economy.

The industry, however, is not one without flaws. Although centuries have passed since the revolution, and machines have been invented to increase and speed up production, some processes are still handled by people. Unfortunately, there are hazards in the workplace that jeopardise the safety of workers. Here are some common workplace accidents in the UK:

1. Slipping, falling, or tripping

These simple accidents are actually considered the most common workplace accidents, which oftentimes lead to other major mishaps like machine mishaps. Fortunately, in 2016, more than half of the reported incidents of slipping, falling, or tripping in the workplace were not fatal, and did not result in more than 7 days of absence.

2. Vehicular accidents

Being hit by moving vehicles in the workplace is another common incident. Forklift trucks are particularly a common source of accidents, especially being hit by the truck. Car park accidents are also counted under this category. In 2016, there were nearly 1,000 workplace accidents reported.

3. Various Injuries

Injuries caused by machine failure, falling objects, and even strains caused by repetitive tasks like lifting and manual handling are also common. Although they seem unlikely, a lot of reported incidents in the workplace cause injuries to workers. Some injuries are not immediately noticed, such as repetitive straining injury or RSI, which only manifests itself after a certain period of time.

There is Hope

Common as they are, there is hope. In most cases, workers have the right to claim workers compensation for injuries that are a result of work. If you believe you have a valid case for an accident at work claim Gloucestershire legal firms can help you in exercising your right as a worker if you live in the area.

Employers, especially those who run large companies with heavy machinery, should pay attention to their workers and the different conditions that they are exposed to. Claims aside, employers can be sued for not abiding by business or building standards if found that they are neglecting issues like worn tiles or flooring, insufficient lighting, missing cables, and the like.

In most cases, even the amount of workload that employees are given can be questioned, especially those who are involved in manually handling objects, like carrying heavy equipment for prolonged periods of time, as this can cause injuries that belong to the third category mentioned above.

There are many hotlines that offer legal advice, and companies like provide a multitude of legal services not just for workers, but also for clients of companies that are at the receiving end of injuries as a result of work misconduct.



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