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What is the Significance of the Colour Blue in Advertising?

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Colours definitely have great power. They influence our feelings and also our actions. In marketing, the use of colours plays a very important role. That’s why today, we will talk about the significance of the colour blue.

The favourite colour of almost everyone is blue, and it is also the most popular. Blue is seen as a serious, reliable and refreshing colour. So much is the demand for blue that already several brands make use of the positive influence of blue and design their corporate image using blue tones.

We want to give you a practical approach to all the basic principles of symbology and the psychology of colour so that you can make great use of this colour for advertising purposes in marketing.

The emotional impact of blue

Why is blue such a popular colour? Because there are exclusively positive thoughts related to this colour. The common adjectives that describe the symbolism of the colour blue are confidence, reliability, tranquillity, intellectual capacity and above all peace. On the other hand, the negative associations that are related to this colour are coldness, melancholy and distance.

Blue is also well known for having the ability to calm our body, so it is not surprising that we feel an inner peace when we look at the blue sky, or when we are simply at sea. Interestingly, during the XXV century, the colour blue was a colour of deception and lying, in fact in dark tones it was related to hidden powers, darkness, and the unreal. Of course, nowadays things are different. If we speak in the religious sense, blue transmits the opposite totally, being the colour of purity. Therefore, this colour is often used in the demand for cosmetology and medicine products.

Blue in advertising: colour as brand reinforcement

Colours have a great decisive influence on the success of marketing. A well-crafted colour concept should not only be reflected in the logo but also in all campaigns, from the graphics to the colour of your office wall and of course in the company logo.

Blue has great potential as a brand colour due to its consistently positive associations. Dark blue radiates seriousness, so colour is increasingly in demand in the technological and financial industry.

Some of the most famous brands in the world already use blue, including IBM, Facebook, Allianz and Deutsche Bank. Blue is also widespread in the world of cosmetics and in the medical industry. Nivea and Oral-B are great examples. Therefore, our advice to you: if you need to radiate professionalism, honesty and loyalty with your business, where trust is an important part of the relationship with the client, blue is usually very well suited to these needs. Offer your clients a sense of security and make your company advance as solid and innovative.

Like any other colour, blue also has different shades.

  • Bright blue evokes water and ice and is often used for refrigeration and air conditioning products.
  • Blue tones that go in the direction of green, are more youthful and loose colours.
  • Turquoise is especially suitable for companies with a creative and progressive corporate core and lifestyle.
  • Bright blue gives your brand a refreshing look and energy recharge.
  • If you want to have a relaxing and refreshing effect, choose a pastel blue.

Blue advertising items

For a uniform brand appearance, it is also important to choose matching blue promotional merchandise or items. Increase the emotional advertising impact with blue promotional gifts. A blue gift can strengthen your relationship with customers, employees and business partners. Among the most popular classic blue items are products such as pens, mugs and bags.

As we said, blue also symbolizes cleanliness. You can find blue products for cosmetics and wellness. Either from a hand or lip balm – or simply blue cosmetology promotional items.

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