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What to look for in Powder Coating Guns

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Might you be looking for the finest finishing for your project? Why don’t you try the use of powder coating finishing? Today, people have realized the benefits of using coating guns for a tough and beautiful finish. The technology is leading to diminishing roles of hand brushes which are relatively tiresome and time-consuming when applying paint on surfaces. Purchasing the best powder coating gun will help you handle your work effectively with minimal maintenance required. These are tips to getting the right guns for powder coating.

Transfer efficiency

Transfer efficiency is vital to consider when making your choice on the gun to purchase. This will highly depend on the powder coating project you have. When selecting the guns, inquire about the efficiency they offer while in use and transfer the coating materials onto the surfaces. It is obvious that the best gun is one that has the highest transfer efficiency. It doesn’t waste materials and helps you to save a lot of money. However, choosing a low-quality gun will risk getting one with low transfer efficiency and end up incurring much later on.

Spray rate

The spray rate refers to how fast the gun can attain the expected results within a minute. The velocity and volume of the products the gun is spraying help calculate a gun’s spraying rate. When purchasing, you need to check out the gun’s specifications. You don’t want to be disappointed after purchasing a slow gun for a big project. Once you get a gun with a high spray rate, you will enjoy the quick handling of a coating task.

Ease of use

No one likes fatigue, considering the body pains associated with overworking. For big coating projects, it is important to use a powder coating gun that is easy to use. You don’t want to get a challenging one to use. An ideal gun needs to be fit for both experts and newbies. The manufacture should attach them with well-detailed and simplified instructions on how to use them. The instructions might not be so necessary to experts, but for beginners, it is equally important.


Durability, durability, durability. This is an important factor you should never ignore or assume when purchasing a powder coating gun. There are different materials used to manufacture guns. They range from light materials to hard ones, which are more durable. Manufacturers provide varying types to meet the demand in the market by satisfying the desire of each customer. Nevertheless, the best guns have high-quality materials and always resistant to rust, corrosion, oil, and other elements.

Output voltage

The output voltage is measured in kV. For a powder coating gun, the output voltage is determined by the amount of voltage charging the products in the gun, facilitating it to come out through the nozzle at high speed. You will realize that most guns have adjustment knobs that help to regulate the number of particles to release at one time. In case you set high levels, highly charged products come out and stick on the surfaces easily.

Nozzle and tips replacement

The nozzles and tips of a powder coating gun come in varying designs and types. They affect the spray rate by either reducing the number of particles the gun is releasing and at what rate. They also determine the style on how the powder particles are to come out. Large nozzles are designed to release large cloud particles. They are more suitable for large surfaces since you won’t spend much time in one area. Moreover, it is important to inquire about the availability of the nozzles and tips in your area if you need to replace them.

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