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Why All Business Owners Need Formal Training in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

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When you are a business owner, conflicts are inevitable from day one. The same is true with negotiations, whether they take the form of you trying to get a discount on supplies, a prospective employee angling for a higher salary, or something else entirely. Unfortunately, too many business owners lack even average negotiation and conflict resolution skills. In fact, many overestimate their abilities, but the truth is that taking even one short class can prove a tremendous help in multiple areas. Here’s why business owners should make formal training in conflict resolution a part of their toolkit.

  1. You Become More Effective
    From trying to resolve disagreements with business partners to dealing with an underperforming contractor, proven strategies in conflict resolution help you do your work more effectively. Undertaking “guesswork” conflict resolution strategies on the fly can make a situation much worse. With training, you’ll better manage stress, increase your understanding of other perspectives, and be able to communicate your needs without getting emotional, overly personal, or punitive.
  2. You Are Confident
    Ever had a nagging feeling or two when trying to negotiate that you have no idea what is going on? A workshop in conflict resolution—even reading a book on the subject—can give you more confidence that you are operating under sound and confirmed principles.
  3. Your Communications Skills Improve to Above Average (At Least!)
    Let’s face it; soft skills such as communication are what can make or break a business. Formal education in negotiation and conflict resolution trains you to communicate in easily understood terms instead of jargon. It also informs you on how to connect with other parties on a level they appreciate. The skills you learn will serve you well in all areas of your business at all times.
  4. The Education Is Easy to Receive
    With all of the opportunities for training, there’s no excuse not to get better informed in negotiation. Books, whether print, electronic or audio, are a go-to for many business owners, and quite a few reputable companies offer online (and offline) workshops and seminars. Certificate and degree programs abound too; an investment of just a few months to two years can pay off handsomely for your business. There’s really no time like the present to learn effective negotiation skills with a masters degree in conflict resolution.
  5. The Skills Are Transferable
    Perhaps best of all, conflict resolution and negotiation skills serve you well at any stage in your career and in your personal life. Whether you aim to be a high-flying tech entrepreneur or co-owner of a mom-and-pop diner, the education you receive can guide you every step of the way as you draw up business plans, negotiate with vendors, set up workplace conflict resolution programs, and train employees. If your business fails or you decide to seek more opportunities, your training is never “lost.” It remains as useful as ever.

Business owners benefit from enhancing their skills in areas such as leadership and communication. Negotiation and conflict resolution are two oft-overlooked topics, but they can give you a huge head start over other company owners.

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