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Why Rent Office Space in Bangkok

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When the COVID-19 pandemic is over and the world’s economy is back on track, businesses around the world will be vying for options to do international business. Companies in Bangkok will be no exception. In fact, many are projecting that after the pandemic is over, Thailand will see the launching of a wave of new companies run by young entrepreneurs. If you are one of these young visionaries that are planning to open a company, here is a key piece of advice: rent office space in Bangkok to make your business more professional.

You may be reading that statement and think that it is outdated. After all, the pandemic has shown us that working from home is acceptable and that having an office space isn’t as necessary as it once was. But, in the world of international business, particularly Asian business having an office is an important part of a company’s identity. For that reason, we suggest renting office space in Bangkok.

But, that is just one reason to rent office space in Bangkok, here are a few more.

Show Your Partners You Are Real

In Asian business, it is customary to make a routine visit to your business partner’s offices and get to know them much better. Business is just another function of a relationship, so it’s important to establish a good relationship to ensure better business returns. But, imagine a situation where your prospective partner wants to come to meet you in Bangkok, but you don’t have an office?

When you rent office space in Bangkok, you are ready to receive guests at any moment. Much of Thai business runs through Bangkok, and many companies relish the opportunity to have their local partners over to their offices as well.

Frankly speaking, without an office, your business will be viewed less favorably. Asian business still prefers traditional elements, like exchanging business cards in a respectful manner and inviting partners over to your office. If you want to be taken seriously as a young business owner, you need to have office space.

Prices are Affordable

Renting office space in Bangkok is not a costly venture. Today, there are many vacant offices in buildings across the city, keeping prices low and making it a buyer’s market. Many offices closed during the pandemic, or significantly lowered their in-office headcount, further opening up more spaces.

You can rent office space in Bangkok for a fraction of what you would normally pay pre-COVID-19, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many buildings will also have amenities and features that you can easily negotiate access for, simply because these buildings would rather have tenants than an empty office.

Another option is to rent office space in Bangkok from a company that specializes in shared office space or small business rentals. Because Bangkok is such a large city, there are plenty of these types of spaces across the city and in each central business district.

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