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10 Steps to Start Your Business

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10 Steps to Start Your Business
This is a new year and probably is in your plans on starting your own business. You probably have many ideas for business in mind and emotion overwhelms you.

So to help in the process of ordering your thoughts, today I share practical guidance and simple to 10 steps to start your business that will serve to shape your project and liven up your dream of entrepreneurship.

Of course along the way you will find many things that are necessary for your business to grow, however, if you put in practice these 10 steps, you will begin with the right foot.

1. Define your business idea

If you already have a business idea lurking in your mind or if you’ve been considering a number, it takes a decision and finally choose the kind of business and now you want to build. Even if you’re not entirely sure, it is better to make a decision and correct the course, to stay paralyzed by indecision.

Fear not wrong, in fact the entrepreneurial process is a continuous learning process in which each will need day reevaluate your results take the necessary decisions. If you do not have an idea in hand you can check out the article “Where to find business ideas “or see our” list of business ideas.”

2. Write a business plan

Put in the paper a business plan is the best way to sort out your ideas. A plan helps you visualize the pros and cons of your project. It is also a document that allows you and your partner (if any) discovers possible weaknesses or issues that could be considered not important. Your business plan should include a budget and everything necessary for the construction and operation of your business. I suggest a look at our post on “How to develop a good business plan.”

3. Plasma vision and business mission

This is the intangible part of your business that is very important to generate the energy and excitement needed to work and accomplish great things every day. All important and successful entrepreneurs know the value of having a vision and a mission that all employees of your company share. Dream big and write what you expect from your company’s short, medium and long term. It raises measurable and achievable goals. Remember that “who does not know where you are going, any road will take you.”

4. Make a market study

Market research is important in determining whether your product or service wills potential customers in the area where you plan to build your business. If you still have not already, you can develop a simple and practical market research to help you identify your potential customers and make decisions about where to work, how to focus your resources on advertising and promotion and the location of your home or office. You can see one guide to develop your market survey here.

5. Define the image of your company

The image of your company have to do with the name you choose , a slogan, colors that will handle your advertising and everything else that defines what you want to project. The companies carry many things with your corporate image: joy, seriousness, professionalism, speed, convenience, security, etc. Whatever you want to project, I define it from the beginning with your image.

6. A quote

While the budget is part of the business plan I would like to highlight its importance at this point because the investment and operating costs are key to the success of a business. You must separately consider the investment budget, which must reflect how much money exactly you need to boot (startup) and have very clear where come. And second, you should consider a budget operation that includes fixed and variable costs. This will help you see clearly whether accounts you need to start right now and measure whether your business is profitable.

7. Make all the necessary paperwork to formalize your company

The procedures are necessary and there will always surely many legalization processes, which must meet before the doors open to the public. These procedures vary from country to country but basically deal with: business registers, patents, sanitary licenses, registrations in finance or tax records, special operating licenses, municipal permits, etc. Be sure to thoroughly research to meet all the requirements and operate and trouble free.

Skip this step and do it half can become inconvenient later that as an entrepreneur does not suit you.

8. Choose your staff

Whether you’re the only employee or you start working with some colleagues, your staff suitably chosen from the beginning and establish a culture of customer service high standards. The success of any business is all about customer service and know how to sell.

It is no use a great idea and all the infrastructure if you do not sell your products or services. And to achieve this we need a team of people committed to the project that achieves results. From the beginning, be sure to sell and sell well.

9. Promote your business

The first thing you need is to let you know. Having done your market research, preparing a promotional and advertising campaign to help you enter the market by going directly to your potential customers. It is imperative to begin offering additional benefits that will appeal to your customers to see your products or services as a value option for them. You can see our article on “nine low-cost tactics to promote your products.”

10. Open your doors

Finally, once you’ve planned well, you are ready to open the doors and start operating your business. Try as far as possible that all details are tuned but do not cares if something goes wrong, you can always correct in the way.

Always remember that the process of undertaking should be included in your schedule continuous improvement. You must regularly evaluate what you do and how you do it because there is always something you can do better. That’s why we titled this post “10 Steps to start your Business”.

The Japanese tend to give this process called kaizen. Prints always a lot of enthusiasm and austerity in spending for your business to walk in the path of success. And of course, I wish that you undertake will provide much satisfaction.

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