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How to Become Your Own Music Manager

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A lot of people want to make a career out of being in music. At the same time, however, the know that it takes a whole lot of luck to make it as a professional musician. That doesn’t mean, however, that a career in the field of music is impossible. One way to do that is to join one of the many music colleges that exist around the country. These help you not just to develop your skills in the art of music itself, but they will also help you to develop your business acumen in terms of music itself. That way, if you don’t become a professional performer, you could manage someone else – or yourself!

Being Your Own Manager

One of the common issues in the music industry is when artists and managers do not agree on creative direction. This can go so far, at times, that musicians feel most of their career has been ruined or has been fake. One example is George Michael and Sony. Many careers have been ended because of these types of disputes, regardless of who ended up being right or wrong. By being your own music manager, you can avoid all of these issues. Yes, it means working twice as hard, but if you are truly committed, you should be happy to do that.

Music as a business is becoming an increasingly interesting field of work. This is also because it teaches you about a lot more than just music. While the focus is on the art of writing compositions and songs, singing and playing instruments or even conducting entire orchestras, the schools understand that music, today, is about business as well. This means you will learn more practical skills than simply developing your talent for a certain instrument. These skills can be applied across the board, so if you find that a career in business is not for you, you can always transfer your careers to another business area. Additionally, you will get a chance to learn from some of the greatest names in the industry, which will look brilliant on your resume.

If you do want to work in music itself, you will quickly come to understand that the saying that what you know matters little, it is all about who you know, rings very true indeed. One of the greatest benefits for people who attend music colleges is that they start to make those connections. They start to build networks of people who have listened to them play or compose or otherwise work on music. They will know the names and who to speak to in certain situations. This is invaluable knowledge overall. Of course, it also helps as a fantastic ice breaker at a party, if you want to impress people with the celebrities you have come into contact with!

Music management is a fascinating area of work. If you happen to also have a talent for music itself, choosing to become your own manager could just be the most brilliant career move you have ever made.

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