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4 Features You Need For Pizza Shop Software

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The features you need for your pizza shop software depend on the kind of business you have. Some software is better than others, but the following are the features you should look for. The key features include an Order entry system, Customer analytics, Automated integrations, Price, and Reporting and analytics. Read on to find the best pizza shop software. Of course, you can always upgrade to the program’s latest version later. In the meantime, here are some tips and suggestions for choosing a new system:

Order entry system

If you’re starting a new pizza shop, you may be wondering what to look for in an Order entry system. This software can help you manage your menus, inventory, and payment methods. It even offers features like a loyalty program and customer profile management. It also has a built-in system for online ordering, known as SpeedDine, allowing customers to place their orders over the internet or through a mobile app. Order entry systems also help you track your menu prices and promotional offers.

An order entry system for pizza shop software should allow for customization. For example, a super button for a particular topping or sauce may be helpful, as it will enable the customer to make changes right at the point of purchase. In addition, a combination discount option will allow the staff to keep track of current promotions and automatically apply discounts. An order entry system for pizza shop software should also allow you to create customized menus and offer them to customers at any time.

Reporting and analytics

You’ll want to invest in a software system that offers reporting and analytics. A good pizza POS or point-of-sale system will make it easy to see sales and customer behavior trends. A quality pizza point-of-sale system also offers labor management. This can be useful in tracking your staff’s time and giving you insights into your payroll reports. Using reporting and analytics in your software system can help you make more informed decisions.

A sound point-of-sale system will not only streamline operations but will also give you real-time insight into the profitability of your business. Real-time access to sales data and employee and customer information can improve your profitability. A quality pizza point-of-sale system will also provide comprehensive intelligence for any given period. This feature will help you make the best use of your time and resources.

Automated integrations

In addition to managing sales and inventory, a pizza shop software will also handle employee tracking and reporting. Whether an employee makes a purchase online or through the smartphone app, the software should be able to track their time and activity. This will help with customer service and security. A pizza shop software will also provide consolidated reports for monitoring costs and hours. Automated integrations for pizza shop software will eliminate using a separate system to manage these functions.

When selecting a pizza shop software, it’s essential to find a system that seamlessly integrates with other business applications. Automated integrations will help your business run smoothly and gain more customers. A few of these integrations are described below. Once you’ve decided on the best software for your needs, it’s time to start looking for one that offers these features. There are hundreds of pizza shop software systems available.


When choosing pizza shop software, price features are important considerations. The correct price list should include various items, including appetizers, sides, and desserts. Most price lists will also have features that let staff know about special offers and coupons. The software should also let them know about the amount of money they’re spending on food each day. Having this information readily available will make adjusting prices much more accessible.

One system that offers price lists is the Slice Register. This system integrates with the online marketplace Slice, which has been driving online orders to independent pizza shops since 2010. However, it requires a custom quote and locks users into Ayden for payment processing. Nevertheless, it’s also the easiest plug-and-play solution for a small business. Small shops can easily plug in the Slice terminal, add menu items, and begin accepting orders in an afternoon.

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