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Business Location is another key factor for business success

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Easy To Find:

The location of a business is of high importance as easy accessibility can ensure customers can reach a firm or organisation.  Whether they need to purchase something from the business directly or simply pick up a parcel.

It is important to consider who your customers are in order to pin point the best location for you, Pall Mall Estates may have just the business space for your UK business. There are several things to consider and some of them are listed below:

Geographical Target

When considering your customers in location, also think about your product or service, are you only targeting an audience in a certain region? For example, a travel agency chain will have branches around the country therefore each branch will have a customer base within their specific region. In some cases you may wish to have a more remote office space, with more online services becoming available, it is not always necessary to be customer facing.

The Logistics

Your location doesn’t just impact customers but suppliers too, if you need access for a lorry then you need premises with space all around. On the other hand you may need a tranquil place for clients to relax in this case a more rural location may be just what you need.

Think Transport

Transport is another key factor in making your business accessible for customers or clients take note of the train system, bus services and roads leading to your premises. It is a good idea to test the transportation yourself before investing or putting your deposit down.

Business Reputation

If customers cannot locate you then this will obviously affect your financial success but choosing an expensive location just because it is in the city can also have a negative impact. Think about all the pros and cons before making your decision on location, if the less expensive option is in an area that doesn’t quite represent the caliber of your business then opt for better interior rather than spend money in the long-term for a particular up market area.

Investment Options

If you are searching for business premises as an investment more research into up and coming areas may be required so that you can buy at a lower price than you sell – in a perfect world! Alternatively, try looking into steady markets, in these turbulent times, a steady property market may be a dream but you may find some are less to decrease than others are, although nothing is set in stone.

Once you have your desired location you must ensure customers can find you and one way of doing so is outlined below:

Free Advertising

Get your business set up on Google and be sure to include an address. When people search for your business using a search engine your details will pop up and your customer or desired customers will be able to find you. This is a convenient and relatively simple way to free advertisement in google.

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