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Planning a get-together? Top tips to boost your hosting abilities!

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With summer approaching, you may be considering hosting a meal, party, or get-together for some friends and or family. If so, you may want to brush up on your hosting skills and be informed of some key tips to ensure your guest(s) feel welcome and enjoy spending time in your home.

Prepare the house

This first tip may seem obvious but is too important to go unmentioned. Before your guests arrive, make sure the house is ready and well cleaned.  Consider cleaning areas or places that you often neglect when you clean for yourself, such as the crevasses in your sofa, behind and inside cabinets and cupboards, and even lightswitches! Place yourself in your guests’ shoes and check for things you have perhaps missed and have not noticed because you are familiar with your home. After all, one of the first things your guest will likely notice is the cleanliness of your home. To make them feel secure and comfortable, ensure everything is as clean as you can get it!

Another way to prepare your house is to consider where you will be hosting and which spaces in your home will be accessed. Will you host in your living room? In the Kitchen? Patio or the garden? If your guests will be using multiple spaces, you may wish to consider getting automatic sliding doors, to create ease of access. For instance, when carrying plates and dishes to and from the kitchen or using the outdoor space and your hands are full. Not sure where to purchase such a device? See evoproducts.com for more information.

Stock up

The next step is stocking up. Firstly, stock up your kitchen. You can do this by buying bottled water and placing it somewhere accessible or putting together a basket or case of snacks and items your guests can consume. If your guests are people you know well, perhaps personalize the basket with their favorite snacks! It is a small gesture but one that will go a long way and show that you have put time and effort into making them feel welcome and is something that they will most definitely appreciate and remember.

Also, do not forget to stock up on toiletries! This one is easy to forget but can massively impact your guests’ stay. So, make sure there is enough toilet paper and hand drying towels in your bathroom. Additionally, if hosting female guests, placing some sanitary products in a decorative box in the bathroom will make them feel appreciated and extremely accommodating and can help avoid any embarrassments.

Prepare and store food correctly

First thing is first- ask your guests in advance if they have any allergies, food intolerances, or preferences, as this can save a lot of fuss and hassle later on. When preparing food, whether it be hot or cold meals, it is best to check with your guests that it will be the food they enjoy. Also, make sure you store it correctly to avoid any contamination and/or food poisoning. If you get these steps right, it is almost guaranteed that your guests will enjoy their stay and that your hosting skills will expand!

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