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Employment Law: What Employees and Employers Need to Know

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Whether you’re running or working for a small start-up business or a large corporation, employment law covers a huge area that will affect you. All aspects of employment law are there to protect both employers and employees, and depending on which you are, certain elements may seem more important than others. Below are some of the key areas to be familiar with, but if you still need legal help then Withers Worldwide can be of service.


A contract is an agreement between the employer and employee that sets out their employment conditions, rights, responsibilities and duties. It is a legal requirement for the employer that they provide a written statement of the main terms and conditions. Changing any of these without agreement from the employee is a breach of contract. For employees it is essential they check everything in the written contract matches what was agreed verbally and that pay, holiday and other areas are correct.


Employers must respect the rights of all their employees. Three main aspects are that they must provide a safe and healthy working environment, allow workers to join a trade union and provide pay statements. Respecting employee rights also means that they must not be discriminated against for any reason, be it race, age, sex or any other. If employees feel they are then legal action can be taken, with the employer held to account. This can be damaging to the finances and reputation of the business.

People Management

Hiring and firing is a mainstay of the workplace, but there are legalities surrounding such practices. Employees who feel they have been wrongfully dismissed can take legal action in some cases, to gain reemployment or compensation. For this reason, written disciplinary and grievance procedures must be in place. Plus, it will usually state in your contract how much notice the employee must give when leaving or be given if they are to be made redundant.

Pay and Pensions

By law every business must pay their employees at least the minimum wage per hour. Sick, maternity and paternity pay must also be honoured. Every employee’s salary should be outlined in their contract and honoured. With pensions, employers now need to enrol all eligible workers into a suitable qualifying pension scheme, which they can later opt out of is desired, and employers pay at least a minimum contribution. This should help you become more familiar with employment law to cover you or your business’ back.

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