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Essential Steps to Design Product Packaging

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The brand image of a business is the first point of contact with your potential customer. The first contact with the final consumer of your product, but what happens next? The logo will connect with the emotional and visual part of the consumer, but it is necessary to carry out good branding so that it is recognised and remembered.

The packaging should not be forgotten as a fundamental element that enhances the story behind a brand.

Packaging design works as a tool to distinguish itself and attract the consumer

Good packaging design is essential for a brand of products. It should not be developed lightly or left to just anyone. You should carefully choose which bespoke packaging designer will be the most suitable to enhance your brand or the packaging of your product and follow some steps to design packaging correctly.

Your packaging is essential to capture the attention of your ideal customer

The process of designing packaging can also help reduce costs, accelerate the time of implementation in the market, and ensure the achievement of sales success – everything more quickly. In addition, it will provide intangible satisfaction to our clients that will improve their quality of life.

Consumers will be more motivated to buy your product, will value positively what they have in their hands, and will most likely arrive at the checkout line. That they buy your product is what you are most interested in after all. Confirm your customer satisfaction by a CSAT survey. In fact, good packaging design will cause the product to be clearly perceived as unique compared to the competition and will be equivalent to winning the consumer lottery without having to resort to a drop in the price of the product.

Steps to design product packaging

  1. Create trends

You should bear in mind that a genuine packaging challenge does not have to be solved with complicated or elaborated packaging. That could have the opposite effect to what you intend. The approach to packaging will seek to achieve not only original packaging but an aesthetic that stands out.

The designer of your packaging should study not only the market and competition but the different materials with which the packaging can be developed. Encourage them to seek excellence, testing with innovative materials (recycled, permeable, etc.) but avoiding similarities with any other similar product in the market. Create a trend and look for elegance if you are clear that the branding of your business must be exquisite.

  1. Do not forget the consumer

Packaging should not only cater to the needs of your product and be visually appealing. Well-designed packaging must cover the needs of the consumer. Pay attention to what gives them confidence or the forms that may be more attractive, without forgetting the use of colour. The colours of the packaging will be intimately linked emotionally with the product in question and the heart of the customer. The probability of purchase will increase considerably taking these factors into account.

  1. Provides added value

The marketing of your company can also accompany the design of packaging for your flagship product. For example, the packaging that holds your star product could be accompanied not only by a container that protects it but also by a small user manual to get the most out of it. You will be adding value to the product and offering information that will satisfy the consumer. You can do it in mini flyer format or as a small catalogue. You can show other related products of your brand.

The important thing is to enhance in some way your product or product lines when you follow the steps to design packaging, taking full advantage of the design process.

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