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Get Your Employees Moving to Keep Them Healthy

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If you have employees you know the main focus is on productivity: take a break every two hours, and work steady until its break time. What you may not realize is the hazard of sitting for extended periods is slowly killing them!

That’s right; studies show that sitting for four or more hours a day skyrockets the statistics of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The human body isn’t designed to sit, and it’s ruining our health. It’s not just on the job, either: the same holds true if you’re one of the average Americans who views more than four hours of TV a day.

What can be done to counteract this, when you have desk work that needs to be completed day in and day out? If your company offers a gym membership as an employee benefit that’s great, but it won’t help the immediate problem: the four hour block of time is deadly and needs to be broken up.

Make it company policy that everyone gets up and walks for two minutes every hour. That’s right; two minutes is the magic number. Whether it’s a trip to the water fountain, pacing around the room, or a run up and down a set of stairs, everyone needs to take that two minutes to get their circulation working properly again.

Under-the-desk pedal machines work great, and treadmill-desk combinations are a perfect solution. Assign someone to look at options, and implement some kind of movement into your employees’ daily routine.

On the plus side, you’re not going to lose productivity during those two minute breaks. By improving circulation energy levels rise, too, so you might be pleasantly surprised to find output is higher despite losing two minutes of work every hour.

It’s also an excellent idea to promote employee activity outside of work hours, too. That time spent in front of the TV isn’t on your dime, but it’s just as deadly.  Educate your workers on how sitting affects their longevity and health, and encourage them to get moving during their down time, too. The same two minute rule used at home will improve everyone’s life by making them healthier.

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