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How Technology is Changing Job Searches

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Technology is having an impact on pretty much everything around us from the way we conduct business, meet our partners, make friends, recruit employees and certainly how we search for new jobs. While the basics of looking for an advertisement and applying for it haven’t changed all that much, there are other aspects of job searching now that were unthinkable just a decade or two ago.

From social media and career sites to remote interviews and job campaigning – technology has had a profound effect on the way in which we now go about finding our ideal job. Long gone are the days of job fairs, newspaper advertisements and other old-school recruitment tricks and trends.

These are the most obvious ways in which technology has influenced the way we go about searching for a job:

Social Media

The unbelievable rise of social media can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. It means that networking has never been this easy – dream companies and huge corporations are accessible at just a click of a button and this opens doors like never before. On the flip side however, is that nothing is truly private and if you haven’t been smart enough to keep those drunken party pictures off your social media accounts – potential employees can very easily get a look at them.

Companies often post their job vacancies on Facebook and Twitter, and individuals can also put out short snippets and links to their resumes on their sites, making it easier to get in contact with potential candidates. LinkedIn is a recruiters’ favorite platform, and job seekers without a LinkedIn account are unlikely to get a second glance.

Remote Interviews

It’s no longer necessary for recruiters and job seekers to actually have a face to face interview. Nowadays, tools like Skype and Facetime have made it incredibly easy for interviews to be conducted online, and the two don’t even necessarily have to be in the same country. Sherri Hatfield the recruiter for HajocaCareers says “we place trainees all over the country so the rise of Google hangouts and skype have been a game changer for growing our team”. It saves time on both sides and means that interviews can be conducted anywhere in the world whereas in the old days people had to be flown in before companies could make a final decision.


Creating a personal campaign to get a job at your dream company is now a thing and many hopefuls for companies like Google have jumped on the bandwagon. In fact Ellen DeGeneres hired a young marketing student solely based on her hilarious and insightful YouTube videos that she sent to the famous comedian. Blogs, websites, videos and other campaigns are all being used to get attention at many of the most famous companies around the world.

Career Sites

Job listings and seekers alike have made a move from newspapers to actual job search sites. These sites are huge data bases filled with job listing and advertisements from job seekers. This means that recruiters can scroll through and look for the ideal candidate and job seekers can scroll through and look for the ideal job. Sites like glassdoor.com are worth millions of dollars and there seems to be a growing demand for more of the same.

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