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Top Safety Considerations for the Construction Industry

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For those working in the construction industry, safety is the most important workplace consideration. There should never be any exceptions to this rule!

Construction sites can be hazardous places, and this can put workers at risk if adequate precautions are not adhered to. These risks may not always result in serious injury or death, but they always have the potential to do so.

In addition to potentially causing harm to construction site workers, not following safety precautions can also lead to legal consequences for site managers. Violation citations may be issued against those in charge of construction projects if they are found to not be following safety guidance. This could result in a large fine or even jail time.

So, what are the top safety considerations for those working within the industry?

Fall Protection

Whenever a worker is completing a task from a raised platform there is always the chance that this person could fall. This continues to be true regardless of how low down the platform is. Falls are the most likely reason for a fatal accident within the construction industry and protecting workers from falls is, therefore, very important.

Effective ways to protect against falls include safety nets, temporary railings, and fall protection systems.

Companies such as Oxford Safety design and install these safety measures in any instance where someone is working at height.

Face and Eye Protection

Providing protective equipment for the face and eyes is very important when a person is working on a construction site.

There are several hazards that pose a risk to the eyes, such as dirt, dust, and chemicals, as well as small pieces of metal and wood.

Safety glasses or similar eyewear should be worn by everyone on site who has the potential to come into contact with such a hazard.

Head Protection

Protection for the whole head is one of the most important considerations for construction workers.

Falling material, tools, or other equipment, can cause serious injury if they hit a person on the head. However, this is not the only hazard that safety equipment for the head can help to protect against. Head protection can also be of use in avoiding harm from flying objects, fire hazards, and also in the event of electrocution. Head protection can also help a person to lessen their chance of serious head injury if they fall over.

Hard hats are the most widely used personal protective equipment for the head. These hats will be worn by everyone who is present on a construction site and this is required by law.

The design of the hard hat in question may vary depending on the type of hazards that are present on site. This is a decision that will be taken during a risk analysis of an individual construction project.

Staying Safe on Site

Staying safe on a construction site should always be everyone’s number one priority.

It is both dangerous and illegal to compromise on safety in favor of completing a job in less time.

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