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How to choose the right ISP for your business

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No modern startup business can survive without internet connection – well, you can, but expect a lot of lost production and sales potential. Regardless of your business type, you need to find stable, affordable and scalable business internet plans to consider and choose from based on your unique business needs.

A business broadband service is provided by a specific internet service provider or ISP. With such a huge range of providers available, choosing the right one could be tricky, but it is vital to your business to select the best service possible. Here are some of the tips to help you choose what you need based on your preferences. Read on.

Package. Many ISPs offer a lot more than the basic internet connection. Depending on your needs, it may be necessary to choose according to both the internet package and the service provider. For example, if you simply need to send emails and do some basic online search, then you might not need an ultra-high-speed connection. Otherwise, if you need business internet plans for a high-speed connection for extra services like a phone bundle and downloading/uploading large files, then you need to invest more in a package that offers these.

Usage. Categorize your business as per the usage you’ll require on the internet. Normally, lower usage equals lower bills. You can be a light, medium or heavy user based on the criteria below:

  • If you don’t use online services frequently. For instance, you would only use email or web browsing for about one or two hours a day. The bandwidth necessary for this category is typically 5GB monthly.
  • This is for intermediate users who do video streaming, constant file uploading and research. The monthly bandwidth necessary for this category is about 30GB.
  • For businesses who can’t live without being online. E-commerce businesses and sites with virtual presence need this. You might need an unlimited bandwidth package for this.

Speed. Your ISP can provide you with customized speed based on your needs. The major difference here is the bandwidth speed. Since high-speed connectivity is vital in any business setting, choosing the right speed is a top consideration business owner must take.

Connection Ratio. Internet speed and connection can become unstable or congested if shared with too many users at the same time. The number of users who can connect to a single source is called a connection ratio. A business connection typically has a 20:1 ratio. However, it differentiates based on the ISP.

Cost. Perhaps the most important consideration. Just like any other business sectors, the business internet plans offered by ISPs vary in price as to the level of service they provide. As a rule of the thumb, choose what your biggest competitors are using if you can afford it, otherwise just ensure that the internet connect at your desired speed.

In summary, the best ISP is the one that will work best for your business preferences. Take time to research the services, cost and software available through each provider. After satisfying these factors, relax and confidently choose your preferred provider.

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