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PrePay: Saving Your Business Money on Shipping Costs

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As an SME owner, it’s likely that you’re continually looking to save your business money. One of the best ways of doing this is by looking at any contractors, freelancers and external networks that you use. If you’re using the wrong product they provide, or find a more efficient way of doing it, then you could save your business huge sums. However, if you leave subscriptions unchecked, they can quickly spiral out of control, which is why detailed bookkeeping is a great practice. Write down who you’re sending money to and why. Otherwise, you can lose track and pay for subscriptions you don’t need.

In this post, we’ll take a look at a major expenditure for most SMEs: shipping. Many SMEs are unaware of most of the services that courier companies provide, and how they can save money for their business. Here, we take a look at PrePay and how it can save you money on your shipping costs.

What is PrePay?

Within the past couple of years, multiple courier companies have launched PrePay services. PrePay services are designed to make booking courier services both cheaper and more convenient (but a bit more on that later).

With PrePay, you deposit money onto your account, and each order you then generate will be deducted from the credit on the account. This saves customers from imputing their credit/debit card details on each transaction.

When all of the money is gone from your account, you can simply top it up again and continue booking consignments. Most companies that offer PrePay services allow a client to have between £20 and £500 in their account at any one time, so you won’t have to enter your information that regularly.

What Are the Advantages?

As stated, using PrePay can save you both time and money…

Time – Presently, on most services, you have to pay with a company credit/debit card each time you place an order. Manually imputing this data again and again can be incredibly time consuming. With PrePay, you deposit money into your account and only top it up when required, meaning you can checkout in one click, saving minutes per transaction.

Money – Many companies using PrePay will also incentive you, so it’s far cheaper than your usual courier services. At ParcelsPlease, for example, if you use PrePay, you automatically save 5% at the checkout, which is a handy saving if your business posts regularly.

To conclude, if you’re currently outsourcing your postage, then take a look at PrePay. It can save you both time and money, so what is there to lose?

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