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How to prepare for a career in health and safety

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Before you embark on a new career, it pays to make sure you’re fully prepared. From researching the qualifications you’ll need to establishing if you’re the right person for the job, there are a few important things you will need to think about ahead of starting in your new line of work. So, if you’re looking to take up a role in the health and safety industry, keep reading.

Gain the relevant qualifications

First and foremost, gaining the relevant qualifications is a must to ensure you’re fully prepared for this particular field of work. Depending on the type of role you’re looking to fill, there is likely going to be one or more certifications you will need to achieve in order to qualify as a health and safety professional, so you may want to carry out your own research to establish which courses you could benefit from enrolling on. For example, completing a NEBOSH health and safety diploma will make sure you’re equipped with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to help you gain understanding of health and safety practices across a wide range of sectors. In most cases, you should be given the opportunity to attend classroom-based sessions or opt for long-distance learning online, making it easy and convenient to gain these types of qualifications.

Understand what will be expected of you

Whether you’re looking to become an entry-level adviser or you’re pursuing a managerial role, it’s crucial that you understand what will be expected of you during your time in a health and safety role. Generally speaking, those working in this industry are responsible for assessing a particular area and ensuring it is a safe and secure environment, so you will need to be prepared to step up and take control. You may also be expected to provide accurate advice and guidance to clients, perform thorough risk assessments and investigations, and enforce health and safety laws and regulations. As a health and safety professional, it’s vital that you pay close attention and keep the wellbeing of others in at the forefront of your mind. Whether you’re assessing an office building or a construction site, it will be your responsibility to ensure the area is safe.

Make sure it’s the right career for you

So that you can excel in the health and safety sector, it’s important to make sure that you’re the right fit for these types of roles. There are a whole host of skills and qualities that you should possess in order to do this job well. For example, you should be confident in your abilities and be able to cope under pressure. You’ll also need to be organised and have a sharp eye for the finer details. Additionally, you should be an excellent problem solver and have an in-depth knowledge of best practices. Furthermore, these roles can sometimes be strenuous, so it helps if you are physically fit and healthy.

Following this advice should help you get clued up and prepared for a career in the health and safety sector.

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