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Services marketing: what it is, how it works and winning strategies

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Services marketing (or service marketing) is the specialized branch of marketing that employs strategies tailored for the promotion and sale of services. Let’s explore how this specific type of marketing operates, when it proves beneficial, and which winning examples are worth considering.

Service marketing is the type of marketing that concentrates its tactics on the distribution of services. This is because material products require entirely different strategies. Indeed, goods and services share only partially similar characteristics and their differences directly influence marketing activities, both online and traditional.

Now that the definition of service marketing has been given, let’s move on to giving some valuable advice for those who work in the consultancy field, for those who provide medical services and for anyone who sells intangible goods.

In the next lines we will talk about social management, company websites, SEO services for search engine optimization and many other topics concerning the world of online and out-of-home advertising . Let’s start with online strategies, which are wonderful for reaching an increasingly wider audience of customers and potential customers.

Services marketing: what it is and how it is done online

Services marketing, which is based on the advertising and sale of intangible goods, teaches us to take into consideration some fundamental aspects of the virtual world:

Target market: if you want to sell services you must be clear who your model customers are. Therefore, specifically define your target audience;

Advertising channels: “where to advertise” is as important as how “to advertise”. Carefully choose the most appropriate social channels, the most suitable web pages (landing pages, blogs, e-commerce, etc…);

Creating engaging content: Creating engaging and informative advertising content that captures the audience’s attention and clearly communicates the benefits of the services offered is crucial. Here the support from expert content creators is invaluable;

SEO Optimization: Make sure your website or services landing page is optimized for search engines so that it appears in the top positions in relevant search results. If you have a site, request professional SEO consultancy immediately;

Use of CTA (call to action): calls to action stimulate the audience to click on specific buttons. In this way the user is motivated to request further information, book a service or make a purchase;

Email marketing and SMS marketing: involve the targeted sending of promotional text messages to mobile users, offering direct and immediate communication. They enable in-depth engagement and audience segmentation;

Continuous monitoring and data analysis: It is important to use monitoring tools to track the performance of the advertising campaign and analyze the data collected to identify what is working and what is not, in order to make any optimizations.

The aspects listed above are just some that must be taken into consideration when implementing a services marketing strategy. Following this, it is important to focus on managing online reputation, performing continuous updates, and synergizing with offline tactics. Marketing for service companies: offline strategies

If previously the focus was on tactics that can be developed online, the time has come to talk about traditional marketing strategies, such as sector events, such as festivals and fairs. These occasions provide the opportunity for networking, live demonstrations and personal interactions. Attending conferences, trade shows or workshops can also broaden your visibility and create meaningful connections with potential customers.

Another offline service marketing tactic is based on the use of paper advertising material : flyers, brochures, road signs and leaflets can be placed in strategic points to capture the attention of passers-by.

No less effective is the birth of collaborations between professionals who provide different but complementary services. For example, a personal trainer can decide to start a collaboration together with a nutritionist, or a personal stylist can offer integrated services with the presence of a professional hair stylist.

Direct marketing is also excellent, where the professional (or company) sends promotional material via direct mail, in the relevant areas.

Finally, advertisements in the local press can be very useful. Placing adverts in local newspapers or trade magazines can be an effective way to reach local audiences and attract potential customers. Such prints can be combined with commercials on radio, TV or cinema.

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