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How to Start a Career in Business Management

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The field of business management opens a lot of doors for advancement. You must stay up-to-date on business ethics, trends and the brand’s reputation. A business only runs as well as its manager does his/her job. Being innovative and having impeccable problem solving skills is a helpful for creating a strong workforce.

Attend College

College is a must since most brands prefer their management staff to have degrees. You can start with a local college and transfer credits, in some cases, to major universities. If you do not qualify for financial assistance and have failed to obtain a scholarship or grant, you can discover more here about how a personal loan can help you afford tuition for higher education.

Your courses should include business ethics, human resources, customer relations and business management. Taking additional courses will make you a more rounded business manager. Basic math, social sciences, psychology and problem solving coursework should also be considered.

Accept an Internship

You can get a taste of what is expected of a business manager by accepting an internship while you are in school. This is valuable on-the-job training that prepares you for your career. Most internships are unpaid but do come with some fringe benefits. Some interns are offered paid externships and are offered employment opportunities upon graduation.

During an internship, some tasks may not be what you’d expect of a business management position. This is simply teaching you how to be a team player and to understand that there will always be someone that is superior to your position within a company.

Apply for Paid Externships

Paid externships are offered to business management students from time-to-time. In some cases, it is a continuation of an internship as the student meshes well with a brand. During these learning phases, strong professional relationships can be created. This may leave potential employers bidding and fighting for you to work with them. A paid externship is likely not going to be a full salary as working for the company goes toward your credit hours for classes required for graduation.

Obtain Letters of Recommendation

When you are preparing to begin looking for a career in business management, obtain letters of recommendation. These letters should be from company CEOs that you worked through internships or externships with, college professors and non-industry related work experience. The letters of recommendation are helpful when you are fresh out of college and ready to apply for positions to begin your career. These letters should be on personal letterhead and should be a live ink signature.

A career in business management means that you enjoy a challenge, are a great problem solver and are innovative. It does not mean that you want to boss people around and make employees miserable. Those in business management have a desire to help a brand succeed and gain industry-dominance. Expect to start near the bottom of the management totem pole and work your way up by impressing superiors with your problem solving skills, employee morale boosting tactics and plans to increase efficiency and productivity.

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