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How to Take Care of Your Baju Kurung Modern

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Many baju kurung modern that you bought for the past raya celebrations ended up being wasted because they are not durable and can no longer be worn. Either because of fading color, worn material, or torn material. Those things can be avoided, as long as you can take care of the baju kurung modern well and properly. Keeping your baju kurung modern, well-kept and wearable for a long time provides many benefits financially as well as the survival of the Earth.

Here’s how to put one together for use with your favorite baju kurung modern.

Baju Kurung Modern

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  1. Check the seams

The care begins when the clothes are first purchased. Expensive clothes are not necessarily of good quality. Some of the materials are expensive but very delicate and difficult to handle. You must check the quality of the clothes, especially the materials and stitching.

Turn the baju kurung modern over and pull on the sheets of fabric to ensure the strength of the shirt. Alternatively, you can also intervene in clothing with light exposure. If light can penetrate the fabric, it means that the fabric of the baju kurung modern you are buying is of poor quality.

  1. Washing

The more often you wash the baju kurung modern, the faster the fabric will tear. When wearing clothes, reconsider whether the clothes are dirty enough to be washed.

Besides, find the right way to wash the baju kurung modern that you have. Different fabrics have different ways of cleaning. To quote The Guardian, clothes of good quality like wool on a suit, are designed to be brushed. There are many ways to freshen clothes without having to wash them in the washing machine. For example, you can simply clean clothes on stained parts by hand.

The next tip for caring for your favorite baju kurung modern is to separate white clothes and colored clothes. Until then, re-separate the faded and non-faded colored clothes. For faded colored clothes, you can wash them in the last part.

  1. Storage

Store the baju kurung modern in the closet well. Fold the garments and stack them neatly. Some types of clothes also need to be hung with hangers to keep them well maintained. If you do not want the neck of the baju kurung modern to be loose, you should not hang it when it’s wet. You can use the hanger when the clothes are dry, by inserting them from below.

Make sure cupboards or storage areas are safe from the presence of animals such as termites or moths. Use camphor to repel the arrival of animals.

  1. Repairs

If there is a button that is removed or part of the baju kurung modern is torn, do not rush to throw it away. Removable buttons can be easily replaced. Meanwhile, torn clothes can be repaired by doing several repairs such as re-sewing. It can also be patched with a similar fabric. Send it to a professional tailor can help to patch the torn part together.

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