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Is Becoming a Realtor in Your Future?

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If you’ve ever caught an episode of ‘Modern Family,’ you’re familiar to Phil Dunphy, the venerable quirky and lovable guy who’s always cracking awkward dad jokes and interjecting vulnerable and inappropriate humor. He is a realtor who treats his job as more of a calling than a way to make money. As you contemplate your career options, selling real estate has crossed your mind more than once. Explore some of the good and bad that can come along with joining Phil as a real estate agent.

You Can Work for Yourself (at Some Point)

Being independent has its advantages; however, when starting as an agent, it is more typical to join an established firm. These places are replete with contacts and leads, unlike being out stomping out leads with very little or no experience. If you decide to get your nevada real estate license online, you may be privy to making some connections, but it may not be enough to be on your own yet. However, at some point during your career, you will have enough skin in the game to have your practice.

You Can Choose Your Hours (Kind of)

Once you get some experience, you will have more autonomy over your schedule. It will be up to you to book appointments, showings, meetings and the like around your schedule – right? In a consumer-driven business such as real estate, being flexible and able to work on someone else’s time table will get you further. Therefore, while you can block out a week in March for Spring Break, you may have to sacrifice a day or two for showings or even closings.

You Can Assist People Buy or Sell

Being a buyer’s agent may be easier than the seller’s agent, but in working both sides of a transaction, you will learn what to expect at any given time. Keeping in touch with buyers will also benefit you should they ever decide to sell the house you helped them buy, or they want to purchase a second property. Being able to work on both sides has its ups and downsides.

You Can Find Real Financial Success

If you are resilient and fortunate enough to survive typical downturns, the upside will be worth it. A realtor typically makes anywhere from 3 percent to 8 percent after a transaction. If you are well-known, you can command even more of a commission. Over time, you might make a sizeable living.

Being a real estate agent takes time, education and perseverance not everyone has. Take some time to reflect on whether this exciting and fulfilling career is for you before plunging in.

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