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Not every entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, not every entrepreneur Becomes a Business

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Not every entrepreneur's entrepreneur, not every entrepreneur Becomes a Business

After attending lectures, conferences, on reading business courses and online on blogs, I discovered that the word entrepreneur, is not reserved to who has formed company, much less who already have an idea “cooked “over a business.

The Guatemalans ourselves as kind, hardworking, homely, friendly, but rarely entrepreneurs, without realizing that we carry in our DNA, exists each in the corner store, at the selling new bread recipe with granny in the hardware, the new digital services company, finally are many businesses that are performed daily and of which we are a part without being aware of it.

In the present era where the majority of companies dedicated marketing campaigns to segment the millennials who also currently make up as much of the labor force in the country, it is very common to see that many of these enterprises are no longer viewed as companies formal future, wasting talent and truly profitable opportunities, so I present a short analysis of the characteristics of an entrepreneur and a businessman.

3 pillars of the Entrepreneur

Service attitude. Without wishing to serve hardly have a goal to accomplish really worthwhile in the service become effectively detect a need and turn it into a profitable venture and shiny that offered on the market to satisfy it.

Passion and Vocation. You can not give what you have, definitely if you do not love what you do or want to do in the future, hardly you will become an expert and leader in the activity in which you are the feeling of belonging that fosters pleasure in doing what you do will motivate you to get up every morning with the desire to add a brick to build you dream castle, every morning, every evening and every night will be a step towards achieving your vision.

Persistence. You can not stagnate, not allowed to believe that the current needs of your customers will be the same in a year, in the short or long term. Needs evolve as we should the processes, technology and strategies for your enterprise, the secret lies in adaptability to change, in constant improvement.

3 pillars Entrepreneur

Ambition. In the best of terms and meanings, the desire for independence, to create the proper and increasing personal wealth, leading the entrepreneur to become someone profitable, exchanging value for value, understood this as money; the inner flame to maximize profits leads people to improve their quality and service standards translated into a significant increase in customers.

Vision. Walt Disney when he had to seek financing bankers to the place he had chosen for his park Angels showed them where they would be the main parts of the castle asking can they see? When only the ground “Entrepreneur Journal” was. The important thing is not only vision also have the image or design as such, is the daily and constant work to be done to achieve it.

Innovation. The administrative process of 10 years ago is very different from that taught in the university today has evolved, and it has improved through automation, continuous improvement, as the famous saying goes you can not expect different results always doing the same things.

In a globalized world where the opportunities are for that dares to look for, I wonder, how to find the balance between being an entrepreneur at heart, being helpful, passionate and diligent, but in the course of time come to monetize all that hard work into something really profitable and producing strong economic performance. From this analysis comes the term “Emprendesario “that summarizes the sense of a true entrepreneur merged with the results of a successful entrepreneur. These are 3 helpful steps we recommend to become “Emprendesario”

  • Generates Value, choose your segment and promotes innovative solutions.
  • Promote your brand Promote yourself yourself.
  • Sells and markets; then market and sell and sell and sell later.
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