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Signs You Need to Look for Compactor Repair Companies

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Trash compactors are like other types of machinery and need regular maintenance, whether they are for businesses or the home. Occasionally, they need to be repaired and you can find that you are looking for compactor repair companies. The more you use your trash compactor, the more maintenance and repair will be required. There are signs that will show you that you need to get repair sooner rather than later. 

 Neglecting Maintenance

If you don’t already have a maintenance schedule for your compactor then you should assume that something is going to break, and it may happen very soon. Many repairs can be prevented with routine preventative maintenance. Some of this maintenance includes cleaning around the electrical areas in order to prevent a buildup of corrosion and dust, as well as maintaining the right fluid and grease levels. If you neglect maintenance then start researching compactor repair companies before you are no longer able to use your compactor. 

Electrical Issues

If your compactor has issues starting or doesn’t have enough power when it does start then you could have an electrical issue. If the proper contacts aren’t made then it creates a loss of power in the machine, either in certain components or the entirety. It’s necessary to inspect all contact areas and electrical wiring to make sure that the unit is working properly. Since electricity can be dangerous you want to make sure that you are working with a company that knows what it is doing in order to prevent further damage to your compactor or be in an unsafe situation. 

Issues with Hydraulic Pressure

Hydraulics will differ in how they function but each one uses pressure to compact the materials. When your hydraulics lack fluid then they aren’t able to maintain or create the proper amount of pressure in order to work properly and compact your materials. Look for loose fittings, leaks, and connectors that need replacing.  

Loss of Operation or Power

Even with regular maintenance, parts do wear out from time to time and cause a malfunctioning motor. Start looking at the motor and look over the machine. Check for loose fragments or parts. Inspect the grease well, as well as the wear bar. If you notice any issues, contact a repair company. 

The Compactor Won’t Open

If you think the compactor is stuck, you don’t want to force it open. When it’s stuck, this is usually a sign of a broken component that needs repair. Forcing it open can do more damage to it. 


Since your commercial compactor is an outdoor machine occasionally someone can vandalize it. Before you assume the issue with your machine is operational, look for signs of vandalism. Some signs include spray paint, broken glass, or any foreign objects in the area. Before you begin to inspect the machine, cut off all power to the machine, especially if you are looking at internal components. Once you can take a look inside the machine then look for markings or foreign objects. 

If you aren’t sure why your trash compactor isn’t working then it’s time to bring in the professionals.

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