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An SEO Agency Can Turn Your Website into a Marketing Tool

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Business owners and managers may have invested money a long time ago in a website. They may have overseen the design of the site and made sure it had plenty of colourful pictures and informative text explaining their company’s products and services. But unless the website is being maintained by a skilled SEO agency today, it probably isn’t doing much for your company’s sales and marketing efforts.

With the COVID-19 pandemic currently causing an economic downturn all over Thailand, there isn’t a company in the nation that can let a marketing opportunity sit idle, particularly one that it’s paid good money to create.

What is SEO?

An SEO agency performs the functions that enable you to market your brand’s products and services online. The reason this explanation sounds so vague is that the SEO agency’s tasks are so broadly defined.

The SEO team works hand-in-hand with a digital marketing team to create and enable digital marketing activities that include maintaining your website, social media ad platforms marketing, ecommerce platform installation, content marketing through keyword insertion, link-building campaigns and much more.

The digital marketing team plans the strategy and then works together with the SEO team to implement it. But all of these multiple marketing activities need to point users and potential customers back to an online place they can buy all these products and services. And this is where your brand’s long-neglected website comes in.

Revamp Your Website

Partnering with an SEO agency allows you to revitalize and revamp your brand’s website from serving as a static, virtual billboard to a responsive and powerful marketing tool. Your site can add to your brand’s bottom line as well as serve as a valuable communication platform with your customers.

Your SEO agency partner will first perform an SEO audit on your site. This is like a team of mechanics checking your car to find any problems with its performance before taking it out on the racetrack. They will issue you a report outlining all of the issues they encounter and, with your permission, fix them.

These problems can be broken links, slow loading times, content that isn’toptimised, low-ranking keywords – anything that is causing the Google ranking for your site to be less than ideal.

They can also add ecommerce platforms and, with the help of the digital marketing team, create social media ads and Google ad campaigns.

Ongoing Process

Moving your site from the bottom to the top of the Google rankings takes time. Running rewarding ad campaigns also takes time. An SEO agency works with their clients over the long term to increase their market share, visibility and conversions.

With the uncertain economic outlook caused by the pandemic, every company needs to all they can to increase their visibility and steer potential customers to their doorsteps. An SEO agency can make this task much easier. Contact an agency in Bangkok today and see how they can best help you weather the economic downturn and emerge successfully once this is over.

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