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The Benefits of Getting a Fleet Card for Your Company

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With the growth of your company comes the difficulty of manually managing every little transaction. Managing and financing your fleet manually usually come from relying and trusting your employees in fuel expenses, which does not look that appealing especially if employees have to bear the burden of paying upfront. Both sides are on losing streak, and either the company could minimize their loss by controlling what they refund to employees or employees overestimate their expenses to compensate for the trouble caused by the flawed system. Either way, one or the other loses. This is where a fleet card system such as the WEX Fleet Fuel Cards from Motorpass could come handy for you and your company, helping both you and your employees in managing fleet expenses. Not only do your employees no longer have to pay for fuel using their own money, but you also gain access and control on their expenses.

Here are some of the benefits of getting fleet fuel cards for your company:

There are different types of fleet cards, giving you flexibility like no other. Most of the fleet fuel cards available in the market are offered in three options: vehicle-only, driver-only, and vehicle-and-driver card. The vehicle-only card enables any driver to use the card when driving the registered vehicle, while the driver-only card enables just the driver named on the card to use it, regardless of the vehicle used. The vehicle-and-driver card allows only a specific driver with the registered vehicle to use it. With all these options, you can choose whatever fits your company best.

Manage the cards using an online account. Fleet fuel card companies offers you an online account that allows you to monitor your employees’ real-time transactions, always keeping you up-to-date with their activities. This way you would be able to analyze and change how the cards can be used by changing options such as the purchase limits, card availability and schedule, and so much more.

Control your employees’ purchases. Aside from controlling your employees purchase limits and schedule, with a fleet fuel card you also have the ability of choosing whether your employee can use it to buy fuel only or include other vehicle expenses such as repairs and maintenance.

Multiple options for added security functions. With fleet cards, you have a variety of choices for stopping unauthorized use of your employees’ fleet cards such as signature verifications and card PIN authorizations. This way, you protect your company from any unnecessary expenses resulting from fraudulent transactions.

Added partner benefits. Most fleet card providers have partnered with multiple fuel companies, thus their fleet cards can be used in over 90% of fuel providers in Australia, which means your fleet have access to fuel anywhere they go. Not only can it be used almost anywhere, they also partnered with some fuel providers to provide fleet card users discounts and offers, giving you more value for your money.

Fleet cards offer a lot of benefits to companies, no matter how big or small they are. With fleet cards, you can be ahead of your competition.

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