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The Benefits of Using Microsoft in Your Business

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There are lots of things that businesses need to do in order to thrive. Whether these encompass creating, collaborating or communicating, they need to be done with efficiency in order to make your whole organisation more effective. There are tools available that can improve your business’s productivity, such as those offered by Microsoft, which if you implement will be accessible to your employees whenever they need them.

Microsoft’s Office 365comes with a productivity suite that houses tools such as Word, Exchange, Excel, PowerPoint and many more. All of these complement each other incredibly well and their functionalities blend together seamlessly. Overall, there are a variety of different benefits to your business using Microsoft, and these will be discussed in more detail below.

Is Using Microsoft Complicated?

Using Microsoft is as complicated as you make it. The system has been designed and developed over the past few decades to ensure it is as easy to use and as streamlined as possible. There are also many resources available that can show you exactly how to use different parts of Microsoft. For example, the site Computergaga.com has an Excel function list that talks you through all of the different functions on Excel and what they can do.

You Can Access Files Anywhere

When you use the services that are offered by Microsoft and Office 365, you have the ability to access files from anywhere. This includes on any device as well, meaning if there is an emergency out of office that you need to rectify, it is incredibly easy to do. For organisations that use remote working (which is a large number now, thanks to the pandemic), having access to such software is essential.

Secure Cloud Storage

Due to how large an organisation it is, Microsoft takes its security measures incredibly seriously. It offers you two-factor authentication, ensuring anyone without authorisation cannot get into your account, as well as threat detection and anti-malware security. In a world where threats to our online security have never been more prominent, having access to all of these measures is invaluable for any business.

The Prices are Reasonable and Easy to Manage

A lot of software can become incredibly expensive incredibly quickly; however, Microsoft are very transparent with their prices. You will pay for their services for every user that you enlist and the cost per user depends on overall functionality. Depending on what you are hoping to achieve with your subscription, you will need access to different functions and products, and this could mean incurring a different price for your subscription. With the cost being so clear from the very beginning, it makes it very easy to keep within the realms of whatever budget you have set for your business. You can also easily alter your subscription so that if people leave or if you end up hiring new staff, getting them signed up and logged on is much more straight forward than it would be with other software.

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