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Why You Should Invest in LED Signs

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The big marketing trend nowadays for businesses big and small is taking your advertising online. Although it’s definitely a good business decision to reach out to more people through the Internet, you might be overlooking the simple yet still successful marketing method of putting up attractive signage for your brick-and-mortar store.

The US Small Business Administration endorses the use of signs, stating that they are “the most effective, yet least expensive, form of advertising for the small business.”

The only issue now is to decide on what kind of sign you should put up for your business. Painted signs? Neon signs? The answer is LED signs, and here’s why:

Cost of LED Signs

When compared to the typical neon sign, the average LED sign’s initial price is about 10% cheaper. However, you won’t really be spending too much on either kind of sign in the beginning so the difference can be negligible. Where LED edges out neon in terms of cost is in its energy efficiency and maintenance.

LED signs use up about five to ten times less power than neon signs, cutting down your operating costs significantly if you choose LED over neon. LED also requires very little maintenance, with signs lasting up to as much as 11 years even if you leave them on the entire time. Neon signs on the other hand can experience breakage, leading to gas leaks that are expensive to repair.


Despite their cheaper price tag, the technology behind LED signs produces a very bright glow that keeps every element distinctly clear. At a distance, you’ll be hard-pressed to make out the words and the design of a neon sign because of the blurriness of its light. LED signs also work just fine even in broad daylight, but neon signs just look faint underneath the sun, if they can be seen at all.

Painted signs, while certainly good during the day if designed properly, just aren’t visible at night without having to put up more light fixtures. You can save yourself the trouble and extra expenses by going straight for LED signs.

Safety Concerns

Considering the small amount of power that LED signs consume, they are very much more eco-friendly than neon signs that can be great energy hogs. The low power use also translates to much less heat being produced, making them safe to handle even when they’ve been turned on for a long time unlike neon signs that can be scalding hot to touch.

You also don’t have to worry about your health when LED signs break. Contrast that to neon signs that can leak toxic gases because of the argon and mercury that are sometimes used in filling the tubes.


Design matters in marketing. With the limited space you have on your sign to deliver a concise message to your audience, you need to have the freedom to come up with a great design. Although any sign can have a great design if the artist is up to the task, LED signs have yet another advantage over other kind.

The lights in LED signs are programmed. This means that they can be changed to display different designs, which is handy when you want to communicate a change in your business quickly without having to pay for a whole new sign. You can also have an animation set up with its lights for a more visually-arresting and dynamic design.

Light up your store to see a bright future for your business with the clear benefits of LED signs.

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