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Web Design Trends for 2018

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Just like anything else that pertains to online information, web design constantly changes. There are online tools to create your own websites, while professional web designers are kept on their toes to choose what web design trends would best fit the needs of their individual clients. Competition for online presence is fierce and trendy visual design elements and techniques are constantly developed and employed to create that ”wow” factor to attract the fleeting attention of web users. So, what’s in store for 2018 when designing arresting websites?


For a while, web designers used simple font types based on the current trend, but for future branding, typography will again come into play. Last time we looked, designers played it safe by carefully mixing a few font types. In the coming year, typography will play a dual role, as text and as an image element, so you can expect large, bold and artistic fonts, with a delightful mix of Serif and Sans Serif font families. There will be experiments in font weight and font spacing as well.

Decorative elements

Current websites look very clean, simplistic and fresh. In 2018, it is predicted that decorative elements will make a comeback, with various icons and geometric shapes. These decorative elements will be used to create additional focus and attention to specific content or areas on the website. Of course, they could also be used as intended – as decorative items.

New layout rules

Browsing habits are affected by the trendy websites. In the future, new changes in navigation will come into focus. The horizontal menu format will remain but trendy designers are coming up with ways to improve layout as well as styles in menu and page navigation. Page design will move to look out of the box and stylish, very much like an editorial magazine layout. This move allows for asymmetrical layout, additional freedom to alter page alignments and sizes, combination of various media elements in one page, such as images, video and text. Of course, designers should also be moderate when it comes to web page layout, as web users still prefer to see and use what’s familiar.

More colours

Web designers are likely to use brighter and bolder colours to add more vibrancy to a page. Colours could be monochromatic, in gradients and in solid forms. Expect to see plenty of ultra violet, which is fast becoming a favourite. Hopefully, the effect will be tasteful and not blinding, as too much contrast and rainbow effects are not welcome.

Technologies and applications for designing websites continue to evolve and new trends keep on emerging. Make sure you consult with expert web developers and creative designers if you need web design in Cornwall. Websites need continual upgrading to conform to the needs of visitors and catch their attention with the wow-effects of new web design trends – ensure that yours keeps up with these new trends.


Image: Pixabay.com

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