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Why Canberra is a Popular Choice for Entrepreneurs

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Canberra is not only Australia’s capital, but it has become a very attractive place for entrepreneurs looking to try their hand at opening a business. While not as popular as Melbourne or Sydney on a global scale, business owners looking for a supportive environment to nurture and build their business will find Canberra one of the best places to grow their wealth.

This trendy, hip locale is a favourite among professionals, young and old. Canberra seems to be the city of innovation and creativity, as it’s a place where those with a plan and a budget can forge out a corner of the city for themselves. Even more exciting for those planning to relocate, the city is experiencing a transformation, which is very attractive to entrepreneurs. Couple this with a welcoming and bustling business community and you can quickly see why Canberra is gaining in popularity with startups.

Continue reading to learn more about why Canberra is proving popular with business owners looking to enter the Australian market.

Flexible Leasing Options 

One of the main reasons why Canberra is attractive is because of the various leasing options available to entrepreneurs. Smaller locales might offer proprietors standard leasing options, which is great if you are savvy enough to snag a bargain. However, in addition to traditional office leasing, those with a fixed budget can lease office space in Canberra through Servcorp Australia and find a location in a sought-after area of the city without any rigid, long-term leasing commitments.

These alternative leasing options give business owners the opportunity to rent a serviced office, fully furnished, with amenities like a receptionist, a private office, a lounge area, and a kitchen. In addition to serviced offices, entrepreneurs can operate their businesses through virtual offices and co-working spaces. All of these options are much cheaper than a traditional office lease and allow entrepreneurs a little more flexibility without sacrificing quality. For a city that has a strong startup base, entrepreneurs can make big gains here by having other options beyond the traditional office lease, which can take a big chunk out of your capital.

Startup Friendly 

A very appealing feature of Canberra is how supportive the city is of new business owners. The culture of the city is such that it not only attracts new business ventures, but it also seems to cultivate and nurture novice entrepreneurs. The Canberra Innovation Network, for one, is a place where those with a vision and a want to succeed can apply for a grant through any one of its programs.

Some of the more popular programs include Stir, Griffin Accelerator, KILN Incubator, and Lean Start-Up Workshops. These programs mentor would-be business owners by showing them how to build a business, the importance of networking within the industry, and how to make connections within the business community that can lead to greater projects. For smaller to medium-sized businesses, Canberra is a nurturing, supportive environment for those looking into running a business. 

Vibrant, Active Demographic 

Like most urban environments, diversity is a part of the landscape, and this is the case with Canberra as well. Even more than its diverse culture, the city supports a number of industries outside the corporate sphere, and even in these areas, there is a huge opportunity for growth. The city is host to countless festivals, restaurants and other events where anyone with creativity could thrive in a city with a population that enjoys getting involved.

Room for Growth in Canberra 

Those looking to get started in the world of business will find much support and encouragement from Canberra’s business climate, which is appealing to any entrepreneur. The wonderful part of a city in transition is that those who take part in the transformation get the chance to shape the direction of this great city moving forward and become a part of this fantastic business community long into the future.

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