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Your 5 Steps to Designing a Brochure

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Creating a company brochure can be a tough task. You want to make this project a success so your company really stands out in the best light, but it is hard to know where to start and how to proceed. Make sure you do not waste time or money by following this quick and easy guide to brochure design and brochure printing.

  1. Define Your Purpose

Before you start contacting printing companies to run off 1,000 copies of your company brochures, think about exactly what you want to put into a brochure – and what you want to get out of it. The purpose of the brochure will largely define the design and layout, so you need to be clear right from the start. For example, if you are highlighting a new product range you will need plenty of images and not too much text. If you want to give information from your latest annual report you will need clear text and images that do not distract from this.

  1. Keep Your Audience in Mind

Good printing services and brochure printing companies will tell you to keep in mind your audience in order to ensure that the content is relevant and accessible, and that the design is effective. You need to look at whether your audience is already well-informed about your product or services, or whether you will need to include more detail. Make sure that the brochure is laid out so that people can go to the parts they need in a short time.

  1. Make a Rough Sketch

Before you commit yourself to a full-blown design, try some ideas out first by simply sketching them on paper. You can also write copy on the PC and use it to fill in sections of a design template on the screen. Move things around to see what looks better, and find out how much space you have exactly for copy and images.

  1. Limit Your Colours

A brochure could have the tendency to look messy and cluttered, so you need to make sure you use a limited set of effective colours to bring it all together. You also need to use a few key fonts so that the design is clean and the whole brochure is tied together effectively.

  1. Match Your Copy and Design

If your brand is fun and your brochure images are colourful, your copy should be lively and fun, too. Be consistent overall with your design and your text and you will create a brochure that will speak to your audience and help people learn about your business and services.

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