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3 Employee Monitoring Mistakes You Should Never Make

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Due to an increase in the use of digital devices in workplaces, a large number of employers have started relying on digital technology to trail the online behavior of their employees with the intended motivation of protecting their reasonable business interests. Digital employee monitoring solutions like Mobistealth, the details of which can be found on www.mobistealth.com/mobile-phone-spy-software, have made it extremely convenient for employers to supervise the use of internet and smartphones at workplace. While the advent of such tools have made a significant contribution to the success of businesses, their improper deployment and abuse is also known to have led to companies suffering huge setbacks in form of disengaged employees, increased turnover, and even litigations. In almost all of these cases, there were three unhealthy employee monitoring practices that were found to be the culprit. Let’s go over these unhealthy practices, or rather mistakes in detail.

Keeping Employees in Dark

There is a very fine line between monitoring and spying on employees. Monitoring employees involves informing them that they are being watched, whereas spying, as the name implies, is done covertly and without any prior intimation. Knowingly or unknowingly, some employees start spying on their employees rather than monitoring them. This is mainly because they consider it unnecessary to inform employees that all their online and smartphone activities are being monitored. More often than not, this has led to severe repercussions. There are various cases in which employees filed a lawsuit against their companies for violating their privacy. In other cases, employees felt cheated and turned bitter towards the management. The importance of taking employees into confidence before deploying monitoring solutions into the workplace cannot be emphasized enough. This can be achieved easily by circulating an email or developing and sharing an employee monitoring policy.

Crossing Legal Boundaries

In many cases, employers deploy employee monitoring tools into the company without bothering to learn about their legal usage. Violating employment and privacy laws is the last thing employers want as it can result in criminal penalties and employee lawsuit. Not only this, it can also affect the reputation of the company. When it comes to monitoring employees, there are several laws in place that employers must be aware of. For instance, it is illegal to install a monitoring tool on the personal smartphones of employees without their knowledge and consent. Similarly, employers are legally bound to inform employees that their digital activities are being monitored.

Compromising Employee Privacy

When it comes to monitoring employees, there is an ethical and moral responsibility on employers’ shoulders. With an increase in the use of digital monitoring tools like employee monitoring apps, a large number of employers are starting to snoop on their employees by going through their personal emails, text messages, photos and contact details, etc., which is not only unethical, but also an outright violation of privacy. Monitoring employees is one thing and snooping on them is another. It’s important to remain mindful of the difference between the two.

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